Thoughts on a Scrapped pet

This is a render of a pet

It was supposed to be in the game, But it didn’t pass on getting in.

Leaf Pet

I got permission to post a render here atleast so I can hear some opinions about it.

Facts about it:

  • Its based on a Bulbasaur and a Puffle
  • The scene was made in 3 minutes hence bad lighting.

I wouldn’t update it since it’s a scrapped pet and probably would not be needed in the future.


I like it. Looks pretty cute. Well done :+1:

That looks really cute but maybe work on the shape of the eyes a bit more. Most of the parts are smooth so try making the eyes smooth as well. It will look much better I think but the rest looks amazing.

It looks really cute, it kind of looks like a piece of candy.

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I have to get the verts low for the eyes because If I add it into roblox the mesh might deform because of high vertices.

And for the rest of the body it has super low vertices since it started with a cube. Leading to me deciding to go smoothen it out since it looked too blocky.

My client also wanted it low poly meaning it has to have a low amount of tri and vert count.