Thoughts on Ability Ui?

I am a solo dev working on a pretty ambitous rpg game and I wonder if the ui for my ability page is good. Please give feedback! (just imagine a wall of stats and description on the right)

edit: health bar temp


I like the GUI, it’s unique. Although, I feel like GUIs look the best when they match the style and genre of the game as a whole, so I’d recommend maybe making a few tweaks to it (if necessary) when the general atmosphere of the game is completed.
By that I mean: if the game is dark, exposure is lowered and colors are duller, a GUI with bright colors and the like don’t at all fit in. But it’s all up to you, what you wanna do.

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This ability UI looks good! The outline around all of the stuff is too thick though.

it is zoomed in charcahr ui is like not super tiny but not cover most of the screen