Thoughts on airplane livery design?


Hello! Recently I teamed up with a developer to create an A321, He did a very good job, however I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to improve anything in the design this aircraft has in the exterrior, maybe making something nice that’s not too intrusive, but looks welcoming.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Maybe some designs on the cockpit and the wings?


What do you think would be good looking in the wings? any ideas?


Something for the wing tips, possibly stripes down the edge of the wings? For the body, an undercoat?


Ah! I almost completely forgot about winglets, Those really add a really cool feature and in real life would reduce induced drag too making the plane more fuel efficient, yeah I’ll talk with the developer of the airplane, see if we can add this in future builds, Thanks!


I would touch on the font used for “Aqua Airways” myself. Given how light the weight of the font is, it is not readily apparent, and feels like it could use a bolder font face (but not too bold.)

Have you created a logo for this airline outside of the wordmark?


I think it’s a nice design but I think maybe some more unique colours in the design would look great, being familiar with your brand and colouring I would suggest maybe adding in some dark greys to the livery and add some wingtip colours, another thing I’d also do is maybe have an underbelly livery to take it to the next level.
Hope this helps!