Thoughts on an unfinished US Capitol replica?

Hi, everyone!

I have been working on this recreation (version 3) for a little over a month with the exterior at 50% complete, and I’m confident to say that it appears to be mostly accurate to the actual building so far. :grinning:

I’m looking for feedback from developers before prioritizing the interior – pointing out details I overlooked would be most helpful!


More Pictures

(note: the lamps are temporary)

  • Roblox engineers for Future lighting, unions, parts and meshes
  • Defunct US Government Federal Standard 595 for color scheme
  • FictionChick for “Window Pane Grunge” decal
  • ScanTheWorld for “Statue Of Freedom” mesh
  • @BunnyPatron (Leporid) for the build & testing the experience’s performance
  • @F5NDl (ski) for “Sky” in the library

You should most more often! I love the build, must’ve took a LOT of parts / meshparts!!

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Very impressive! Great attention to detail. :+1:

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Looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it finished!

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Absolute legend. This is amazing, keep up the incredible work!

This is beautiful!! Nice work!! Also do you have discord??

This looks great i love the amount of work put into this i looks amazing.