Thoughts on backpack GUI?

Currently working on an open world RPG game. This is the GUI for the backpack/inventory and I’ll try and stick with this style for all the GUI. Thoughts? (Please note that the images are just placeholders and are subject to change.)

Edit 1: Here is the updated version:


The GUI looks good. I’d make the wooden sword another picture since it’s copying Minecraft exactly (I’m not sure if you’d get in trouble for that, but it doesn’t look professional/original).


It looks good, but I think it could use a background, perhaps a semi transparent grey background. Not much I can add for a simple GUI. The apple has the letter “i” under it. perhaps make it number “1” instead? Overall it looks pretty complete if you are going change some of the images. (Hope you will change the currency symbol images because they look kind bland).


Thanks, I’m planning to replace it with my own assets once I’m further into development. It’s just a placeholder for now. :sweat_smile:

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The gui has a slight grey transparent background. Also, the font I used makes ones look like I’s. There’s not really a way to change it.

Thanks for the feedback!


The layout looks great! I’m assuming the icons are placeholders as well, so when you are inserting the final icons, make sure to look for ones that match each other’s style (for example, the puzzle and key icon look way more cartoony than the apple icon, which even has shading to it), and also make sure they aren’t transparent or else they’ll clip through weirdly like the gem icons on the currency label.

As for the colors, as @TersaiIor said, try making the background a bit more opaque, and make the UI have a bit more contrast overall. Here you can see that the text labels fail to have enough contrast for nice accessibility to the users :



Alright, so I made a few changed based on people’s feedback (different icons & more opaque background). Here it is, what do you think of it now?

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Maybe align the title of the popup which shows the ATK?

why don’t you make the edges rounded?