Thoughts On Beach Area

I Recently Revamped My Beach Area From This(Some stuff like the trees along the stream are not done in the new beach area.)

To This

Here is some more detail into the beach area.

What do you think?


I like it! But, the paths ruin it a little bit.

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anything i could do to make them better?

It looks good. I would suggest lightening the colour of the paths to blend with the sand a little more. Not too much but enough that they don’t stand out as much as they do. I would also make them a little thinner. Another thing, your water isn’t level. A great way to make it easier for creating leveled smooth terrain is by enabling the snap to grid option in the terrain editor. For the trees I would try maybe removing some as it looks a little crowded with them to me and maybe spread some out more while moving others together a little closer into small groups of 2-3 trees. I haven’t seen wild palm trees irl as I live in Canada however from what I’ve seen online, they grow more so in tiny groups while some others may be spread out a little further. Search online for some good images you can use to help you out. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


The is not enough small details. You could add some volleyball nets, small sand castles, etc.


Make the paths look more “natural”.


It’s too big, there isn’t enough activity going on. Also, the palm trees look copied and pasted, which gives it an unnatural look.

I recommend you add a boardwalk, surf shops, volleyball courts, etc. These will make the beach scene pop, and give it character.

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For your terrain, it could use some variation.

Beaches are “dune-y” so adding some more hill-like terrain can definitely help including rocks (I recommend using the grow tool for this). When doing this, try to make the paths move around the terrain, not just be cut-through and straight. A good thing to remember is that beaches are sandy so sand will definitely get everywhere, including on your paths. Painting some sand on the paths will help with a more realistic effect if you’re trying to accomplish that.

Here is a little bit of smooth terrain I whipped up:

For the path, I painted some sandstone down and change the color of it to match the regular sand in the properties menu with Terrain selected. Then I painted the ground material over it. I also through in some rocks to give it more depth.

Hope this helps! Happy building!


Heads up~~You replied to my comment, not the OP.

Palm trees don’t grow in sand.

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My bad! I must have mis-clicked! :sweat_smile:

The improvement in your newer build is definitely there, however you should consider these ideas to enhance the " beach experience " for players:


Random boats scattered on the beach:

Marine wildlife:


The sea bottom steadily becoming deeper and deeper or vice versa;

Sea sounds:
Waves breaking into the shore
Gulls chirping

I don’t know if you have typical beach sounds already placed in your game but if not, I recommend using Background Music Toolkit by Cindering - Roblox Cinderings background music kit to create said sounds.

I believe he put a guide into his model so it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out how his model works.


i use that model, but i had music in the beach before never thought about beach sounds…?hmm ill have to check that out to see how it sounds.

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I think that the beach is quite nice, however, it seems very plain. So, I would suggest adding more details… An easy solution is looking at an actual picture of a beach for inspiration.

If you could go into detail on what you mean by “adding more details,” that might be more helpful to the OP. :slight_smile:

Well, I would suggest having more variety of plant life, having the current trees not all be the same size, or even some kind of animal life would be nice.

Paths kinda make it look weird but looks awesome! Maybe add some more sunlight. It looks a bit dark and usually beaches are bright and shiny (hence the umbrellas for brightness block)

It is most likely Voxel’s fault for it being dark i have it on 2 brightness. I am moving to Voxel so when Shadow Map is able to be published on roblox to the real game i will be all set for lighting and Shadow Map looks awesome!

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Alright man, good luck with your game!

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It looks great, but as many previous people have said, maybe add some more scenery for example with volleyball nets, maybe some coast guard huts aswell?
Another thing you could do is rotate the tree’s y angle aswell, to make it look like it is more variation.

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