Thoughts On Corn Maze

Hello today i would like to know what you think of my Corn Maze. The Scrolling out will be fixed. The Reason i used resized parts for the walls is because its more performance friendly then a bunch of meshes or a bunch of highly detailed corn stalks placed next to each other in a row.


Thats a really good maze but people can just zoom out their camera and see where to go :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea i am going to fix that…

It might be more performance friendly to just scale the walls, but it doesn’t look very interesting. I’m sure there is a compromise to be made between performance and how it can look. Right now it’s very plain.


Your “Corn Maze” you have created which i’m assuming, is for your game your currently working on. It looks really good i like the details and the corn maze look, you have made which is the ones in real life however it seems to be a little plain such as. The entrance when you see a corn maze in real life you will normally see that it holds the details, around the entrance part to show that it’s that kind of season it’s suppose to have! Such as the following pumpkins, wooden fences, straw bales, corn stalks, ect. As that’s most needed around these kind of, environments you could try adding a couple of more season decorations around the! Entrance and inside the different parts of the maze itself area but if you ever been to. A “Corn Maze” you will see a lot of hay or corn on the ground featuring pumpkins so it could, look more detailed and nice to see you always, want to add the final details so your corn maze could stand out! A lot more as said above corn stalk are always suppose to be high and scaled so the players can not. See the other side of the maze as that would not be fun to have the corn scaled as, your character i would differently try fixing that!

And the different parts of the maze you wan to always, add some fun kind of decorations around there since you don’t have none and it’s quite plain. But if you were planning on adding some i would just add some hay or corn as the ground, floor as you would mostly see this in any kind of corn maze but not all of the, just a couple! But you could look at the corn maze that features, just the details around the entrance part called the (FFA Corn Maze) now this maze is much. Larger then the ones you normally see and it takes, 2 to 1 hour to finish it but the thing about this one it just doesn’t have any kind of decorations inside the maze. It’s just hay placed down as a carpet just for a walkway, but it does feature the Halloween season such as the pumpkins! And the straw bales in front of the entrance you could try doing, something like that i know you don’t want to add highly detailed corn stalks but you could. Try adding simple decorations around the entrance, and maybe some pumpkins and hay around the floor! Part that’s just a suggestions you could add.

Overall, it looks good so far but i do believe there could be a bit/or just a little. Details around the entrance part so it won’t look plain and as said, above i would try scaling the walls up because they look a bit low and it doesn’t show the. Realistic looks as the ones in real life overall just try adding a couple of details you don’t need to go, overboard with the decorations but just try, not making it look plain i’ll just add some pumpkins and! Wooden fences with corn wrapped around the wooden poles to show the season, your trying to make anyways nicely done on your creation hope to see the final details! And the other things your going to add and if you need a bit of ideas you could. Search the “FFA Corn Maze”


Looks good for a maze, would be better if there was more space so people could move around a little bit.

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Really detailed that game is very nice.Keep up the great work!

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I really like this! It gives me thoughts of my younger childhood! Visiting a farm, having fun, blah blah, that’s not what you’re here to read.

Anyways, I do like it, a lot! Like multiple have stated, it’s a little too low. I would suggest some of the following:

  • Making the maze a bit taller. People could jump over it easily.

  • Making an anti jump. Having an anti jump will allow them to not jump over the maze. But doing this would possibly have a camera restriction. Either making it first person or having it very low so they can’t look over.

  • Going onto the camera, you could have that with anything else.

Another thing I would like to add, I suggest some other particles, or possibly decorations like scarecrows, pumpkins, hay bales.

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Absolutely amazing corn maze, I would love to bring my family to it haha

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I would make the corn a little bit higher, but it’s all just corn you should add more detail into the inside of the maze, like add some secrets that fit the theme of your game. It’s very well made, I must say. You should add a way to where once people enter the maze they cannot jump or zoom out their camera. Other than that great job, and good luck on the game!

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The maze is imaginative and fits the criteria, however, the walls appear to be most simple and plain. It is meant to be a maze with the walls being corn plants, am I correct? If so, I suggest one to create thick columns of corn plants. Making a corn plant is an entirely different discussion so I will not be explaining the corn plant in detail. Is one meant to do the maze in first person? If so, maybe surround the entire thing with a CanCollide off block and have it so that once a player enters it, they are force to enter first person.

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A first person lock script being enabled once you enter the corn maze should do it.

I did think of them jumping over the maze when i built it, so i put a invisible part over the top of the maze.

Indeed; it should. Though I do suggest more detail to the corn itself.

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That is a most intellectual idea. However, you could increase the size of the corn to prevent this. In consequence of this action, if one was to jump on the maze from the outside, they would appear to float above the maze.

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Either that or i just put invisible parts around the the outside of the maze, either way would work.

Is this a halloween themed maze?


I would assume this is a Halloween themed maze. Because he made a couple of things for this latest game hes currently working, on and i can see he, added the maze as a Halloween theme to the game however i could be wrong but i would. Think this is a Halloween themed maze!!

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Farmer Joe says “mabye” I think you should fix that.

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