Thoughts On Desert Tree

Hello, recently made a desert tree in my game for my egypt type area and i wanted to know what you think. It looks a bit weird as it is modeled from a reference image of a certain desert tree.

Reference Image ( i couldn’t find the exact image but here is what it was like )

My Tree ( I am not the best at trees lol )

The tree leaves are balls because i couldn’t find a way to achieve that spiky effect without using a free model or way to many parts, yes blender is a thing, but i haven’t used it yet.


It needs alot of work,like alot.needs more detail.


By @imagiraff1234’s statement, I agree what he said.
The trunks and branches look really weird since it’s not in the same position in the trunk and some branches overlap the trunk. If you’re going for a low-poly feel, I recommend the leaves to be changed from Grass material to Smooth Plastic.


I would suggest to make the branches smaller than the trunk to avoid parts of the tree where it reveals sharp cylindrical edges. This would also make the tree look more natural. But other than that, it looks fine for me and it looks very simple, which good in my opinion.

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this type of tree is called a Joshua tree and is native to the United States. should not be in an Egypt game. and the scaling is way too large. Otherwise it looks like a Roblox tree, frankly.


My personal, honest opinion:
I think, as a beginner, that is great. It is so amazing and wonderful to see new people learning a talent such as building and scripting on Roblox! I think modelling can be tough, especially if you are pretty new and are not using a modelling program such as Blender, CAD or C4D.

The parts aren’t the best coordination, I feel as though instead of having the same color for each part, change it, possibly change the thickness throughout the tree and experiment with textures.

I wish you luck!

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Hey! Great start on this build!

To improve it, when using cylinders. Try make them smaller, and put more of them.
Make the angles of those cylinders smaller too.
For example ( since that’s kinda hard to explain ):

However, with this effect you might come across “Overlapping-textures”.
To get of rid of this by:
Selecting the main object

Then, Right Click > Union

And, to achieve a spikey effect you might want to:

Get a sphere block, get a Wedge block.
Rotate the Wedge block and place it inside the sphere.
Do this over, and over again to achieve this result:

If this feedback helped in any way, please leave a thumbs up! Or “Solution” if that’s available. Thanks!


this needs way more work; tree looks really flat and you needa add in branches/leaves in different directions to give it more volume; besides that replace the leaves with like a mesh and have the branches bend a little more

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Its a great start!
I recommend using spheres and put them at the end of the cylinder,
It makes it look a lot more smoother and nicer