Thoughts on Dialogue UI?

Heya! I recently made this simplistic/modern UI and was wondering what others would think of it. Keep in mind I am very new to creating UI.

Thanks for reading!


I find it a little hard to read. Maybe if you made the text less bold and change the font of the writing it would be easier on the eyes.


Well, Looks good but try changing colors a little bit because it seem weird to just look two colors

Perhaps change the positions with the two answers, like “ALRIGHT!” should be a bit higher, same goes for “IM OKAY, THANKS.” to be more down.

Also I agree with @static2240, that there should be more colors. I would say, maybe changing the main UI to a different color, while leaving the other two just white.

A little hard to read and It needs more color. Try changing the font and adding more color.

It looks good; but isn’t perfect.
I’d recommend you to use a skinnier typo, cause your current one makes to hard to read the dialogs and can downgrade your game experience. But so far it’s good.

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You might want to darken the gray a bit and maybe straighten the underlined name, imo it doesn’t look that good rotated.
For further UI development I recommend this website to further enhance your user’s experience, colour contrasting can be a major issue when it comes to UIs,
But other than those little issues it overall looks great!