Thoughts on Dinosaur model?

This is the first animal/creature I have made in studio, I honestly think it looks ok. It was made all in studio. What are your opinions?

Frost variant(I was bored, okay!)



In general it is fine, what I can recommend is to make the claws separate and not so square because it looks very strange, I hope it helps you to you improve and my opinion helps you :slightly_smiling_face:


Could you show us a front view of the model?


Unless the edges are not rounded on purpose, my suggestion is to smooth those edges. I also agree with someone who posted earlier about making the claws each their own separate pointed part, much like how you did the teeth :sunglasses:

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For your first animal made in Studio, this is amazing! I would just make the tail more curvy, as it looks very firm and solid.


yeah, It’s just that its hard to smooth em without taking a long time.

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I edited the post to show a better angle. Thanks for trying to help btw!


Not bad! However, I do agree with what @Crazedbrick1 stated.

Other than that, keep up the good work!


I like it! I have some thoughts on it though.

As you can see in this image not owned by me, the legs and arms feel more connected to the dinosaur.
On your dinosaur, they feel more like separate limbs rather than apart of the animal itself. So how can you fix this? Move the arms and legs under the dinosaur itself. Also, I’d make the main body beefier and more thick as it frails in comparison to the arms & legs in this picture:

The legs are very very chunky in this picture which is fine, but in comparison to the main body it’s not proportionate.

That’s all I have really! You’re doing way better than me with building a whole animal in studio, because
I would’ve done a garbage job. Plus most people will do animals in blender as it’s easier, but very impressive!


It looks amazing from a general standpoint. There are a few specific things you could do to improve it. Here’s a list of things you could do to make it way better:

  • Use the union and negate feature to make it a bit more realistic.
  • The legs should be compromised just a bit.
  • Tails are not always straight so you can make curved.

That’s all I can think for now but it’s an amazing first project! :open_mouth:

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It looks really well side ways but you should consider adding mass to it and making it proportional!

It is solid, the dinosaur just could use lots of smoother edges. The edges look very sharp. The legs could also be slightly smaller. Good work overall!