Thoughts on first build

Hello everyone!

I would like everyone to please rate my first building. This is to help me grow to be a better builder. Please give your unbiased opinion of this build

this build I personal think can be better, but I need help from another point of view.


I can not do a rating out of 10, but I can tell you my thoughts. First It is quite interesting for your first build. It looks decent, but there are some parts that you can improve on. I would definitely recommend having a model of a player to help with scaling appropriately. It seems the building is rather big, but that might be the style that you are going for. The building would work decently if it were a filler for a city with buildings touching on both ends. If it were a standalone building, I would definitely recommend the trimming to go around the building and not just in the front. The window frames and door frames seem to extend past where they should, I would recommend fixing that unless if that was a design choice. The top part of the building seems to have a gap that should not be there, so I would look into that too. I hope you don’t take this criticism too harshly, I just want to give you points on what could be worked on. If this is the style you are going for then, congrats. Otherwise I hope you find something useful in what I said and I wish the best of luck to you in the future! Happy building!


@landon90 Thank you for your thoughts, this is my first build without free models, I try not to use them. :grinning:

Hello wanted to let you know you can no longer ask people to rate you.

  • 7.2 Do not create topics asking users to rate your assets. Asking for feedback is fine, but asking for a rating (e.g. X out of 10) will be considered spam.

Also could you please add some pictures of your build in your post

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Thank you for your thoughts, this is my first build without free models, I try not to use them. :grinning:

Personally i don’t think that using free models will make your game look bad in players eyes. As a quote says, people these days don’t care about the effort you’ve put in, they care about your results, your success. Here’s the game i’m making right now and i admit that 70% of everything you see is free model.

So , as i said above, in my opinion it doesn’t matter what you use in your game (free model or not) , as long as it looks pleasant for our eyes.

Anyway, i’ll give you a solid 9/10, since you said that this is your first building. Have a nice day Weregoingtodie123! :wink:

Personally, I think that you should have measured the size of the builds according to a roblox avatar as the door and the windows are 10X bigger than a roblox avatar. It is also really plain and as you get better at building you can add textures and decorations to the building. Overall it’s a good attempt at a first build.

To avoid that issue :

  • Get a plugin called Load Character.

  • Insert any avatar you want in the game.

  • Resize everything so it doesn’t look too big or too small.

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Thank you fro all the suggestions

:grinning: :grinning:

I will say around from 7/10 because more details and structure would then needed to be added.

For a first build, this is honestly not bad. But in future you may want to try using an NPC for size reference to avoid over scaling (Making it blocky.)