Thoughts on game i made

I am trying to learn some scripting n all. standing in a circle simulator - Roblox

The game has a good concept. Though I suggest making the circle move every 10 seconds, and add perks, also make it where if a player dies their points get reset. Make it more interesting. Sword themes, trails and what not. A certain trail gives you +5 JumpPower. Otherwise I can see this game doing pretty decent, since most simulations nowadays are basic. :slight_smile:

I mean, for a new scripter, it’s not bad. I’m not sure what else to do besides stand in a circle and earn points. Like what @5Notis said, it would be col to make the circle move every 10 seconds or something to make the game more entertaining. It’s pretty good though! Someone in the game told me it will improve overtime and I’m looking forward to see new things!

Yes, that was me. aha! But you’re right. @UseMrClean You should also add a place for a safe spawn instead of forcefield every time someone spawns. Have a spawn that gives you forcefield in it, once you leave its off. :slight_smile:

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