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《 Squared, a Roblox 4 Player Board Game 》

I want to make a 4 player game, the game is called Squared

In Squared, your primary goal is to make block factories on a 6x6 board that will increase your points, the output of points from the factories depends on the factories squared power. If you have a factory that has a minus power, your factory will automatically become disabled, and will fork your points by 10, causing your points to go down and may put you in last place if you’re not lucky!

Squared power will be used as a multiplier to increase factory output, the more factory output, the more points. Squared Power will be increased every 2 turns, but player Cards can easily change the game causing changes to points made and squared power.

Cards are given every 5 turns, their made to spice the game up and takeover other factories territory’s, or ruin them entirely to cause players to start getting less points, or even losing them… players can hold up to 3, here are the card stats.

Note: Better cards have lower drop rates.



I feel like it’s gonna be a fun game😮
Can the blocks be the player’s avatar head? Cause normally it’s a good thing to connect your games with some roblox metaverse aspects.
Anyways I believe in you @NubblyFry


I could do that but, I’d honestly rather make a feature to switch it.

This is because, if you look at the Game Board, this is how the players are represented.

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Squared is back in development!


I just want to say that this post is definitely getting rewritten, there are a lot of errors in communication and I’ll also have to recreate the system for cards.

Finally a card game, you don’t see those so often on Roblox. I like the graphics as well. :+1: