Thoughts on game made in 3 days

So I just finished this very minimal game named "Flip a coin" It didn’t take that long to create so naturally, it doesn’t have too many features right now.
Be really cool if you could check out the game or suggest some ideas/feedback!

Also I don’t mind hard feedback I would rly like to hear it.

Here is the game if you would like to join: Flip a Coin - Roblox

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Ok for three days it good but I do see somethings you could have done better like more randomness to how the coin fall maybe a betting system, also I don’t get the purpose of the shop and how to use it because it doesn’t work for me (it could be the fact I’m on mobile?).

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I haven’t tried the game on mobile I be sure to check out that glitch.
But another thing, if I add a betting system does that make the game age-restricted?

I don’t think so since 17+ gambling/betting systems are with robux so if you stick with betting in game currency you should be fine.

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Awesome I will code that up later today