Thoughts On Game Thumbnails

Hello today since i am revamping my game i noticed that the game thumbnails needed an upgrade too.

These took about a hour each to make and i plan to make more.

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Looks pretty good, I actually like these in-game gameplay thumbnails.

I would recommend to also make renderings such as thumbnails like this:

You can accomplish this by using programs such as Blender or Cinema 4D. Look online to find these programs.


I always recommend making it actual gameplay footage so the user knows what to expect - your thumbnails have too much going on that it’s obviously not gameplay footage.

If you want to do your own thing and something different than gameplay footage, that’s understandable and encouraged, but try making the thumbnails have more effects, if you know what I am saying.

Reference Material (Not Actual Gameplay Footage)

Reference: Not Actual Gameplay Footage

Source: SoftGB

Reference: Not Actual Gameplay Footage

Source: Spixeled

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Looks really good! I just think the text needs to be aligned to the left and maybe a font like Source Sans Pro or even Times New Roman. Other than that, nice job!

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I’m not a designer as a first choice of profession, but for the first thumbnail, having all your cars tilted to some incline and not in their proper part of their sections of the road doesn’t seem very realistic to me (you have cars going in opposite directions on the same side of the road). Might want to think about changing that.

Though, I don’t know what theme your game is, perhaps “unrealistic” (no offence) would fit more nicely than realistic?

My game is unrealistic, I have a snow area when my game is in the middle of summer… yea its not realistic. The snow area stays there all year long until winter when the snow melts there and the main island is in snow.

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The thumbnails look really good,

My Suggestions

1.They look quite good i would recommend you add some. Snow on the tree leaves as seen, on the last thumbnail you could also add some snow on the. Tree leaves and on the branches to look more realistic. And the ones in the back of the thumbnail as well!


2.Try fixing the cars on the road, you should add some cars on the right side of the road to. And try adding people in the cars to make it more realistic! also make sure to line your cars up as i see there going on the wrong side of the. Road and it seems to me the cars look out of placed i’ll fix that issue!!

And that’s all for know, keep up the good work.

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I like the design of the thumbnail but consider rendering instead of taking a screenshot.

You can render either using Blender or Cinema4D. The reason I don’t include Maya is that if you want to add rigs to your render, you have to pay because there are no free rigs in Maya.

Blender is free, give it a shot but in my opinion, Cinema4D is better.

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