Thoughts on GFX made in studio

Hey, I made this gfx in blender and was looking for advice on how to improve the lighting to make it fit in more. Any thoughts?



The gfx is decent. The thing that would make it better is adding a PBR texture to the ground (link).
Also to improve the lighting try making it the sun so it would look more natural and follow the background images direction of light. So you would probably need to choose a different image as there is no way the sun would make it into the position of your character as it’s covered by the mountain. Also, try using a rig and bend his arms to make it look more natural. Put the sword so it seemed like he is holding it as right now it looks it’s levitating.

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I can’t see a difference between the two of it. The lighting is pretty bad, and it doesn’t make any sense. Other than that, the sword and the character looks unlogical. You should improve more.


the background is so obviously fake and will not fit in without editing. the sword is fake too, and the terrain in forground does not fit with terrain in far ground. add fog, etc, snow, stuff like that. 2/10