Thoughts on Gun system with customization WIP

Hey there! Recently I’ve been working on a pseudotool gun system for a future game hopefully?

I want some feedback on the upcoming customization system! Any feedback is appreciated!
Note: The GUI and animations are a work in progress, and effects for buying an attachment will be added later on


Sorry for bad quality ;(

As you can see, you unlock the attachment, then in the server and client, the attachment will be added! Also the suppressor ability is to block out sound, but there’s no volume lol.


Wow! This looks pretty cool. But personally, i would remove the OTS lock as i find it annoying, but that’s me personally haha :smile:

But regardless, it is still a really nice creation and i really like the ui showing the ammo remaining.

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Thanks for your input! I plan to make it so you can change between OTS and just normal third person