Thoughts on hallucination effect?

The poisoned status effect is inflicted by flora magic. This status effect has damage over time of +0.25x across 10 seconds. Aside from the damage, the target also has a hallucination effect.

Flora magic stats

Damage: 0.875x
Speed: 1.3125x
Size: 1x
Cooldown: 0.625x
Mana Cost: 0.625x
Shield Strength: 100% incoming damage reduced

Is the effect too trippy? Are the messages (your character’s thoughts) on screen too insane or something? Do I need to add/remove some messages?

List of all messages (some are memes)

If you’re wondering how I managed to start playing the game already despite not selecting an element, I can press [K] (DescendedGod) or [L] (AscendedGod) to use one of my custom magics. Those custom magics don’t appear on the selection screen. I added server sanity checks to prevent hackers from using it.


the thing that ruins it a bit is the fact sometimes same messages go after each other, i suggest adding a check against that.
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It does a great job at what it was meant to do, distract the player. It stays fresh by having so many messages to read. Disclaimer on photosensitivity I recommend adding a safety toggle for photo-epileptic-prone users, if you plan on keeping the colors that vibrant and flashy.


i have no idea how i could disable the flash as i think it works by tweening some colorcorrection’s contrast

also idk what mainly made this effect possibly triggering for photosensitivity


What if you offset the saturation to have it subtract more color? Lowering the brightness would help if there was a way to do both.


i kinda dont know how to do this but i can add fov distortion

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i’m unsure how to remake the effects in such a way that it’s safe for photosensitive users, but my possible idea to is prevent the contrast and saturation from maybe going below like -1 (below -1 is invert)

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I have been curious for some time on whether roblox lets us add psychedelic effects to games and never really got an answer, is there a limit to how far we can take this?


i sorta dont think theres a limit as long as you dont reference drugs

i feel like im not at too much risk because i never mentioned drugs and maybe the fantasy context of the game

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could there be potential for false positives?

say for example your in a fantasy jungle with the effects shown above and you look at a mushroom decoration, could that be mistaken as drug use as it could be seen as a depiction of shrooms?