Thoughts on loadout editing UI

Wanting to get opinions on my loadout UI. Mainly looking at the UI on the right (Weapon, Armour, Trail, Illusion)

When they click the lil arrow on the left, it will bring up the menu (the 2nd picture) which will have a list of all the items. It’s a bare bones design, just wanting to get thoughts on the positions, sizes, colors, etc.


I think the position is pretty nice, including the positioning of the rig. Maybe a transparency or position edit on the Equip button to make sure the entire rig is visible in this screen.

The colors also fit pretty well, but you also said it’s going to change, and I don’t quite know the full premise of the game and how the UI colors and shades fit the theme, or if it’s a different theme per class.

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I would increase the size of the Weapon/Armour/Trail/Illusion GUIs, unless you intend to add even more sections. Otherwise looks really solid, the yellow topbar is a great idea that I haven’t seen much before.


Since ViewportFrames are now released, I would have had the rig in a ViewportFrame at the same exact position and then put some blur in the background (so the focus is on the rig). Experiment with it as much as you want, I just think that would look great. However the rest of the user-interface is simple and flat, I like it. :slight_smile:

It’s a very clean design. Minimalist to say the least but that doesn’t mean it isn’t aesthetically appealing. My only suggestion would be to use darker shades of grey. The white text on that light of a grey could cause problems depending on brightness settings ect. I’d just be safe and make sure they aren’t too close in color.