Thoughts on lowpoly bows

Found an image of lowpoly bows and thought that i could recreate it and just Recently made these for a upcoming game any thoughts of new bows or ideas i could add to.


Amazing but I suggest you change the color for the middle parts of the bows.I would say grey or something


They look pretty realistic, I love them.

I personally love your color choices, keep up the great work!

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Your “Low Poly Bows” look very detailed, i like how you added the red color in the middle piece as well the details. That’s implemented to your bows they have a great style to them! However there is a couple of things i’ll add to your bows, so it could look. More detailed and improved a lot more overall. They look really incredible and i know these would. Look good in your upcoming project however there, is a couple of other styles, you could make!!

I think your bows look really decent like, the color scheme you implement to the middle. Piece of the bow however you could add some ropes, around the middle piece of the bow you could! Try doing something like that as well try, adding the strings in the two slits so it could. Look more better however i think it’s, still being worked on and then you could, add some ropes around the middle part as that’s what! Mostly! Bows have depending on the style your. Going for it can just be the red color you implement, to yours as it would look more better if you, added the strings onto your bows and ropes around the wooden. Part just to give it some details to them!!

Well there is many styles of bows that you can make. If you plan on making other bows i would recommend you make some Cross Bow, Recurve Bow, Katniss Bow, Recurve Bow Pendant, Ancient Skyrim Bow, ect. Those are a couple of different styles you can make! For your upcoming project if you plan, on doing that i would recommend you. Add different designs, styles, texture, colors, to your bows so they can stand out more those! Are just some ideas you can make and, then you can add a bunch of details & shapes to the bows like the ones. I listed above try doing something like that overall keep it up hope to see the, other designs you implement to your bows.

Aside all of that, you have done amazing job on your 'Bows i believe there still being worked on these. Are just other styles you could make and add, to the other different kind of bows! However hope to see your upcoming project soon, can’t wait to see more of. Your work very and the different, details you add to your bows and styles overall you have done a decent job on it. Anyways keep it up


Awesome! I will definitely be making more with your ideas!

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Really like them, I’d like to note that even though it’s low poly that doesn’t mean you can’t use smooth shading if they were made in blender, it doesn’t effect tri counts and can sometimes make a model exponentially better.

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I think it may looks better on smooth not flat, but looks cool.

Great job dude, I’m guessing that the bow is upgrade-able and these are tiers for the bow?

Definitely would be rewarding to get that final bow.

For recommendations, I’d really only say what chriss said for changing the color of the middle parts of the bow.

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can you please explain? What do you mean?

You know on blender, you can change the material to smooth or flat. It is just my opinion, but I think it may look better when the material is smooth.

Sorry I’m not really seeing eye to eye here…