Thoughts on map?

This is a map I made just now for my unofficial egg hunt, thoughts?

(It’s called Electroworld)

Game link: Unofficial Egg Hunt 2020: Into the Wonderland - Roblox


Beautiful! Fantastic! I love it!

One suggestion; hide som Easter eggs around the map, and if it is night, add a moon in the background!


I have added eggs (yet to be scripted)

And a moon is a great idea!

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I really really it, especially that waterfall. I would cut back on the fog that you have in the map. It looks like there is a mad purple haze in the air. Other than that, I think that this is really good.

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It looks like it because the skybox is completely purple I believe.


I used the circle terrain bursh and just made some landscape :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, really appriciated! :smiley:

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That looks amazing! The terrain looks amazing, but you could add a few more places in there, such as portals, as well as shops. The sky also lacks a moon (unless you put it in already), stars, and some clouds. I suggest you add those to make the sky look excellent, as well as darkening the color of the sky. Otherwise, you’re doing amazing!

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It is not meant to take place on earth, and it is also a sub-world for my egg hunt, so shops wouldn’t necessarily make sense unless they were decorations.

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Okay! I thought that game took place on Earth when I wrote that.

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You build is detailed with grass and different terrain.
The water being purple you could to add a nice effect to the atmosphere by having a murky purple mist lurking around near the lake.
Another could be to making some of the patches of grass maybe turn in and out of purple and green.
As @Schedency said possible hide easter eggs around the nap since it is an egg hunt map.
Other than that I really like this.
Good Job
Keep building😁

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I have obviously already placed eggs, and the idea of having some sort of effect over the water is something i’d consider.

Ooooo, it looks very interesting!

One thing I would change is the trees. What I would do is vary the height of the trees and if possible, try to bend the trees* to make it look more supernatural.

I love that purple lava though!

*What I’m talking about:
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 9.19.46 pm

How do I bend the tree?

Also, making them different sizes is something i’d consider.

I’ve found this tutorial on YouTube that could help with “bending” the trees using blender:

Another way of doing it is to re-make the tree in studio but when creating each part*, tilt it
on an angle to make it look like it’s bent.
Don’t make it too bent as that’ll make it look really rushed; if you want, you can add more parts or make the existing parts bigger to it to “cover” up the cracks.
Hopefully, this helps! :+1:

*Diagram of what I’m talking about for reference:
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 9.27.07 pm

Looks quite nice!
Maybe adding some moving orbs in the air?