Thoughts on my Airport?

Greetings, Sir/ Ma’am!

I am looking forward to receiving feedback or even suggestions from developers out there in the community. By improving my airport owned by San International Air Lines, we can gain a better experience for our passengers which will make them have a better first impression when attending our flights.

Be honest with your feedback, I am opened to any of it and will appreciate them for your contributions. In the future, we might display your username if you gave us an idea or feedback which can improve our airline by a lot.

Thanks for scrolling till here! :heart: :smiley:


Overall I think it looks good. However, one off-putting detail for me was the use of the grass material for a carpet. Instead, I would use a carpet or fabric texture if you’re going for that look, or maybe even tiles. The office chair meshes don’t seem to fit in very well, so I recommend building them with parts. The walls also look a bit bland. Nonetheless, this is a good build.


Thanks for giving a feedback! I will make sure to amend them. :smiley:

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Add a ColorCorrection to lighting and up the saturation to 0.5

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I’m a really picky reviewer when it comes to builds … but here I go:

The chairs have more detail than any other component in the dining room. (Photo 9)
The flooring is way too dark. (Photos 2-7)
The escalator looks like it floats mid-air. (Photo 4)
The exterior looks very plain; it’s like a re-purposed military base. (Photo 1)
The help desk has a different colour scheme to the rest of the airport. (Photo 5)
The ceiling is very high, yet it’s got nothing to show for it. (Photo 6)
The tannish tint makes the entire place look stuffy. (All Photos)

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What colour should I use for the tint?

Try an off-white that is just a shade of blue.

I think your "San International Airport” has a. Nice style to it i like the design, and details you implemented to the airport and i think. It looks really good overall it seems to have no other kind of! Details on the walls and on the ceiling part, you could try adding more details to it such as. Added to the airport! However i would try adding some details! To your build just to give it that full airport, feel to it such as International Airport Art, Hanging Posters, Directions, TV, Hanging signs, ect. To the entrance and wall parts you could try! Implementing some. Of those details to your airport just so it won’t be empty there could! Be a lot of different decorations, around your airport so it could. Look a lot more improved i’ll just add some, details to the walls itself and around the! Exterior area so it won’t look empty however! The design your making is really nice. But i would recommend adding the final details, to it so it could look more better overall. You got a very nice piece here!!

San International Airport
The international airport you have created. So far looks very amazing i like the hanging airport departures. You implemented to your airport and it really! Has the details and architecture style, to it however there is a couple of things you could, try adding to the interior i would add some. More details to your international airport so it could look more! Improved! And better i would, recommend you add some Advertisements, Alerts, Directions, Hanging Posters, Round DLD Corona Lights, Floor Posters, Clocks, Security Camera, ect. Those are some of the details you could try adding. To your international airport so it won’t look empty on the wall parts and, the above the check in area there are suppose! To be large tvs and advertisement posters above the check in area depending on what kind, of design your trying to make there are always those kind of details implemented around the walls on a airport. And the passport control security you added there could possible, be a Black Retractable Belt around the security part where people have to put, there items on just to check if they have anything bad on the airport. You could try making the (Airport conveyor belt) more larger so once, they put there bags on the belt there luggage should! Come out from the other side however the ones you have right know are alright you, could also add some retractable belt so people. Well be lined up and not all over the place!!

Baggage Conveyor Belt/Retractable Belt
Know these kind of international airports always have, some large retractable belts with some kind of x-rayed security once they enter the airport. And you should make the line belts more longer and add another! Door that says (Security Checkpoint D) just so it could check everyone first before going to the check in area, try adding something like that and as i said above your airport needs a bunch of details. Added on the ceiling part and some on the walls itself! As those are most needed to show it’s a airport and not, a random building i would recommend you add add some “TSA Pre Poster Stand” next to the security checkpoint and with other details that has to be implemented to the building such as Lights, Exit Signs, Warning Signs, Do Not Enter Signs, Emergency Exit, Arrow Directions, ect. As with the directions added it will have arrows on the poster that shows wheres the check in, boarding gates, customs, taxis, meet & greet, toilets, ect. Those are some of the details you want to try implementing to your airport just so it could look, more improved and as you can see below you could try doing. Something like this just to give you some ideas what could! Be added to your airport And you could add other details to it.

Reference International Airport

Anyways the details, design style, you added to airport i think it looks very good, as most “International Airports” has details on! Walls and next to the check in area as for the exterior. You could try adding details to it such as walking street sign, Stone bollards, Bushes, Porcelain Tile Concrete ect. Overall your airport creation has that architecture, feel to it however i know it needs a little more so it could look like a. Complete international airport only If you plan on adding details in the front of the airport those are, some i would recommend you add here is a couple of other details i’ll. Add so your airport could! Look more better and improved a lot more and like. I said above try adding some decorations, lights, pictures. So your san international airport could have that style to it however i’ll try adding! Exterior details in the front of the airport.

Airport Decorations

  • International Airport Art, Wall Plants, Shelves Restroom Signs,
  • Other Airport Signs, Hanging Posters, Exit Signs, Warning Signs,
  • Do Not Enter Signs, Emergency Exit Sign, Arrow Directions & Hanging TV
  • Potted Tree Plants, Emergency Call Sign, Benches, Chairs, Porcelain Tile Concrete,
  • Floor Posters, Clocks, Security Camera, Airport Blue Interior Gate Sign & Alarms
  • Arrows to emergency doors, Atms, International Airport Art, Passenger Signs,

I would mostly, add a (Porcelain Tile Concrete) on the outside area so. It could be used as a sidewalk so people/passengers could walk, right into your international airport! Try adding something like that and you could also, add a interior tile floor texture since it has that style to it.

Overall, these are some of the details you want to try implementing. To your “Airport” so it could look more detailed and improved! A lot more however the style you made, looks good i would try adding some hanging wall lights, Directions, Hanging Posters, around the interior part and some signs added into the concrete sidewalk as that’s what most airports. Have those kind of details, and decorations implemented to the walls! And the shape you have right know, looks very amazing with the other improvements the airport needs, i know it will stand out more just so it could look more better and interesting. Anyways with the details i listed said above that’s what your international airport needs, overall you have done a great job on your creation nicely done.


The second image place looks a bit too empty. Maybe add something there?

Looks good :+1:

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This is actually very good although you could have not gone for a decal for the info counter. I suggest using bricks to make a shape of one. It will make it look more realistic.

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Some parts of your airport looks really good, such as the departures lounge, but I must say the exterior and some parts like the interior in the check-in area feels plain. Maybe something to spice up the walls such as plants, more screens, logos?

Airport definitely heading in the right direction though :smiley:


Hi there, GamerWei_ALT.

Regarding your post “Thoughts on my Airport?”. I have some reminders and feedback.


  1. Free models
    I am not sure but you probably put some free model at your game. Making it unoriginal.

  2. Lights
    The airport is bright but there’s no light.

  3. Use of space
    I do like the design of it but there are so many empty spaces. Yikes.

Overall, the airport looks okay, not really that bad. I’ll give it a 7/10. 3 marks are deducted for not using all the spaces as much as possible, not having actual lights like lamps and of course, free models.

Good luck.

Yours sincerely,


One of the most important things you have to think about is the layout of your airport. The way you arrange the check in, security, departure lounge etc, is of high importance as you want passengers to have an obvious and simple path through the airport. I would also suggest adding some signage to make it obvious for passengers where to go. Thanks.

Reading the comments and your post, I agree with them all. It’s a loss of items in there. Add some plants around there.

In the lounge looking thing it would be awesome with some sort of a waterfall fountain.

Pictures, signs, outdoor space, shops,

Merch shops (monetizing is important. :wink:), partner stores (allowes for your partners to monetize YOUR game as you get percentage + it’s a perk for them witch means you both wins)

Add some lounges for different classes with bars and stuff. Partner lounge too.

Add some more style to the place. Some identity for the airport - you want to build a brand, you want to have a remembered airline and a big step is a remembered airport. Currently the exterior looks undone and is just boring. Keep in mind this is what we see at first, this is what the players see at first. Yes, we do judge a book by the cover.

Also, where is the sleeping bags? :thinking:

Have a nice day further. :wink:
(Sorry if it’s to much :sweat_smile: start at A and work to B.)

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The sleeping bags can be found in the shop next to Essentials.

Thanks for spending your time and effort into giving feedback on my airport. I will take amend the changes said by all of you by this week. :slight_smile:


Looks great, but one thing I would change is the floor of the inside of the airport.
I think you should change the color of the carpet, or change the carpet to another material.
Other than that, you did a great job!

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Seems Alright, but a bit plan and empty.

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I like the airport, but it looks kinda empty and a little sad if you change the carpet color to blue or another color i think it will be better, you can also put shops, but i like your airport.

I love the style of your construction all the objects are really well done, the only thing i would change is in the second image, you have a big area there without anything maybe you should try filling that space.

The end product. Still have more things to change and add.