Thoughts on my alley?

Thoughts on my Alley Showcase I made a good big of months back


The realistic light,sounds and weather are really good.

I was a bit confused about what to do since I couldnt go through the opening. image

The lighting in the bathroom was a bit green. Although the apartment was nice and detailed

Also a few rooms are really dark if you go to the apartment.


The (papers?) on the floor could be more detailed since they look too alike to each other;
Same with the ones in the sewer, maybe rip some too.

Personally, think the fire would look better with its normal colors;
A better stool help and maybe knock it over too;
The police lights go through the wall;

Maybe make this light to flicker, might be pretty cool;
Make the glass broken in this rusty light?
I like the addition of the boat although it doesn’t make sense, haha;

The controllers are too big, minimize them, also rotate them and make it look more naturally placed;
The raindrops texture you put on these windows doesn’t look nice;
Too many bottles/glasses on this shelf, also break some and throw some on the floor since the house has an abandoned/broken feel.
Too many cushions on the couch and change their colors to grey or something similar;

There is a thin brick part going through the shelf;

Good job on this!

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Whoa! It’s very nice!

The use of sound effects is very nice
I feel like the servers should be 1 player only
Your color pallet is very saturated, stick to dead tones if you wanna make it spoopy
Play with the lights! Maybe a flickering light would give it much more personality

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Personally, I won’t change stuff in it, I’d just make a new and updated version :stuck_out_tongue:

Also for comparing the 2 versions. :slight_smile:

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Your wood grain might have @WoodReviewer pretty angry. Other than that, I feel like the color and even design of the sewer doesn’t really match the rest of the build. It’s much too vibrant, and almost has a cartoony feel to it with the skeleton remains and such.

I’m also confused about why the lighting is so yellow here. It should be a much whiter color, with just a bit of yellow for the warmth.

Otherwise not much to complain about :smile:


Very nice, reminds me of a 1940’s crime movie, good work.

The first thing I noticed was how out of place the teleportation sound prompt was. I’d suggest either removing it or replacing it with someone more relating of it’s scene. Also, the notification sounds seems to constantly beep if you stand still. Obviously, a player shouldn’t be standing still but it feels like a bug more than a feature. The clock ticking sound is pretty loud and fades away at too close a distance.

Next, when you are outside, the doorway seems reasonable sized. Not too tall, not too wide. A regular sized Robloxian would be able to fit through that easily and a giant wouldn’t be able to.

Then, you get into the apartment and suddenly all doorways are built to fit 7 stud Robloxians within it. (Not to mention the entry and one of the other apartment doorways is devoid of any detail and is instead a brick with a slightly large brick behind it.)

The kitchen counters also seem to be far too tall in proportion to a normal-sized Robloxian. They should be a little higher than waist height.

I do feel like a rather silly spin-off of Jesus, being able to walk on toxic waste and all. I would suggest making the pipes rust as well, rather than a standoffish red.

Now that the criticism is out of the way, the ones that were not mentioned in posts above… It’s a decent build, with a well built exterior atmosphere. The saturation outside plays nice with the dull, slightly dreaded tone of the stormy, night. I agree with itsme_Xyloto, the exterior gives off a 1940’s crime movie vibe, which is pleasant.

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I really enjoy the feel and vibe the showcase gives off, pretty creative. My only complaints are just small nitpicks.

This toilet paper hanging off is very thick for paper.

The only other thing I am seeing is that you could possibly rearrange these shirts a little bit, give them different colors, have different spacing in between them.

I agree with some of the other replies, but overall great job!