Thoughts on my American football builds?

thoughts on my builds for an upcoming football game? in total this all took me about a week or two.






looks sickkk

do u have a discord server for it?

This is-
This is amazing. I love the amount of detail you put into every bit of this design. We need more builders like you! :slight_smile:

It is amazing! Extremely detailed and fairly large sized map. Just hope the player’s computers won’t burn xD

none of the builds you see there are over 5k parts, optimized and grouped into different levels of detail for different computers so i hope that fixes everything lol :slight_smile:

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This looks amazing! I hope it will be released soon! :smiley:

game is unfortunately nowhere close to release as scripters keep dropping out from the job. (it is a very large job) hopefully i will find someone soon

I love the futuristic concept. Nice build. This with future lighting would make a great combo

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Agreed I love it its games like this that don’t get famous due to like Be stuck at McDonalds simulator I love it so much detail

Took the words out of my mouth. It’s really unfortunate games that take “minimal” time to create (e.g. Simulators) tend to grow at “maximum” speed. It’s really up to Roblox to promote these games to the front page and they’d rather have “Egg Simulator” end up on “Engaging” rather than a full-fledged football game that would take a year to make! :confused:


thank you man, means a lot. hopefully with the right scripter that i have yet to find, we will be one of the top football games on roblox LOL

ye its a ashame really you spend hours on a game and you get 1 minute free model and its popular

ye agreed its disappointing Roblox should add back game genres I wasn’t there to witness it I don’t think but I know it would be handy for today on Roblox

That’s sad, I’m still learning how to script and I’m not that good yet :frowning: Anyways maybe you should tell them to break the work into parts to make it easier.

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hopefully he will find a nice scripter

damn, thats really cool. great work!