Thoughts on my core gameplay so far?

Right now, my game (currently just called “Project Terra” until I can solidify the theme and mood of the game) has a large amount of the base features of the game finished, and I’m almost ready to start making the map and just create content since almost all the scripting needed is finished.

I won’t go into specifics too much, but to summarize, the core gameplay of my project is:

. Start in a safezone (town) with a basic weapon/tool.

. Leave the town to kill monsters, other players, and to gather materials, while being wary of stronger players and high level monsters.

. Explore the land in order to find more interesting and rewarding monsters and materials, random chests, caves with loot and more difficult boss monsters, and other various points of interest.

. Travel to different towns in order to sell materials to specific vendors, and to purchase better tools and weapons with the coin from doing so.

. Gain XP and level up as you kill monsters/players, and gather/sell materials, as you level up gain access to better items and higher level areas.

. Store earned coins at a bank, because you drop 20-40% of held coins on death.

The only thing I really need to make the base for right now is the shop where you can purchase items, and then most of the scripting is finished and I can just focus on creating the map, adding content to the game, and expanding upon it as much as I can.

That is, essentially, what the gameplay is at its core. My question is, would you play a game like this? Is there too little to do, too much? Would it be better to hyper-focus on one aspect of gameplay (e.g. exploration, combat, trading, material harvesting) or to include everything, but at a less complex level?

Any input in general on this is really appreciated, thanks!


It sounds like a really cool game.

Looking at this it seems kind of average and linear. Start out with basic weapons --> kill basic monsters —> buy better stuff —> killer harder monsters and repeat buying and killing over and over again.
This is personal preference I think but I don’t think while wondering stronger players should be able to kill weaker players without a certain mechanic in place. What I mean by this is weaker players could be killed over and over again and it really ruins it. A few things I would recommend is…

  • A PVP arena
  • Duel requests

Do not do separate servers for higher and lower players, they should be mixed.

Besides all that, this game needs something that defines it, looking at this it seems like just another RPG. A few things I can think of to give a defining trait is…

  • A really dynamic combat system, something super different. Allow different combat moves and attack angles. Tactics can be learned from experience and special moves from loot or leveling up.
  • Different skill trees and a unique class.
  • Lore and world building can really separate yourself from the crowd.

I think these could be a few ideas, some may have been done before but you don’t see it too often here. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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