Thoughts on my Dialogue System?

Hey DevForum!

I’ve made this simple dialogue system using ViewportFrame for characters and TweenService for Typewriter effect.

Here are some great features it provides:

  • You can enter only one dialogue at the time, of course.
  • Automatic sync with character’s dialogue lines in a ModuleScript and ProximityPrompt using just one LocalScript.
  • No death bugs! The dialogue will automatically close when player dies.
  • Animations and sound effects! - I did not use them for this video, but this dialogue system also provides animations and sound effects. This is mostly used for waving animations.

What are your opinions and imperssions?

Please note that this was made in less than a hour.


Looks sick! To give it a little more liveliness, you can add some typewriter sounds.


Sorry, I didn’t see that lol

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and maybe some animated shapes in the background…