Thoughts on my Drive-thru Gas Station

Hello. I just want to know some thoughts on my (unfinished) drive-thru gas station. When it’s complete it will have an interior and AC units on the top of the building itself as well as a sign. I just feel that it looks a little bland on the exterior. Any thoughts?


Your build looks great, but as you mentioned your exterior is bland.
I suggest adding some vegetation such as:
• Flowers
• Bushes
• Grass
• Tree’s
And many more.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
I wish you the best of luck.


Yeah, what she said is a big necessity when making a good and detailed game.


May I suggest some Gas pumps.
I am assuming it is where a player gets Gas for their car.


You should add gas pumps,Also why is there only texture on 1 side

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What do you mean by only texture on 1 side?

I suggest changing or decorating the exterior a little

its a great looking build. However, the exterior colors are too bland… Maybe make the brick more light/dark. And the cobble doesn’t really fit with the build in my opinion. Maybe make the cobble slate and make it gray.