Thoughts on my Dumpster(s)

All the difference versions of a dumpster I’ve ever made! :smiley:


hey, i’ve made the exact same type of dumpster once

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I love the dumpsters! They look like actual dumpsters.

Except the third one. I believe it’s pretty bland, or not dumpster like. Other than that, they’re amazing!

did you also builder after a google image? xD

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nah, we just have some of those in our area

They look very nice! Was this made in roblox studio or blender?

It looks really nice, but i would appreciate you asking for permission before modeling my house.


All made in ROBLOX. No blender usage here


im sorry sir, i will not build ur house next time


Great job!

These all look really nice and realistic for a dumpster. the shade of green for the first two is on-point and the lids really work well.

Only thing I would say could be improved upon is the third dumpster, the sides seem a bit c h o n k y and the green could be made less vibrant. The lid could also do with something else, perhaps a handle and a lip, it seems much less detailed than the others.

Overall these are really great dumpsters though - certainly not trash haha.

Hope this helps, really nice work though!

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You’ve gotta remember the furthest RIGHT dumpster is made years ago.

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Ah I didn’t notice that part! My bad.

In that case i’d like to slightly adjust my opinion towards progression! It seems you’ve really improved over the years, good job again!

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Looks like garbage! (Hopefully I’m the first one to make this joke?) All jokes aside, it looks really good! Did you do the cover separately from the base? Would be cool to see it open and close with a hinge constraint (:

You can tell it is, since base is metal and cover is smoothplastic :slight_smile:

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This is just simply extraordinary, I am very inspired by this! Keep it up :slight_smile:

They are both amazing! But, I think, the 3rd one could be better.

You missed the point. its the story line of the improvement of building skills. The furthest right is made years ago. And is already improved which is furthest left.

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Yes, there has been a most significant development between creations. It is most interesting. The builds are great anyway. This should be in a museum.

They’re all trash.

Just kidding, the progress shown is great. You should try making some sort of other trash receptacle or something next.

Just one thing isn’t very indicative of general ability. That said, your newest dumpster is awesome.

Oh, it’s ok then, but I still prefer the two first dumpsters.