Thoughts on my first Blender Gun?


So I recently finished my first gun in Blender and I was wondering if I could get some feedback/criticism on it. It is loosely based off of a DEAGLE pistol and it has 5 total parts. I chose not to texture it on purpose because I wanted it to match my current low-poly style in the game it’s going in.




Really nice gun man, i think adding curves would make it look a bit more realistic. But over-all nice job :smile:

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Perhaps the missing detail should be bevels on the corners of the gun. You’ll notice most guns in reality have some kind of rounded design around the handle.

Otherwise, the shape is alright.


That’s a really nice gun, especially for your first time. It would fit in a cartoony theme, but try adding more detail. :+1:


I feel like the handle is a little flat, but I don’t know anything about guns so I’m not sure if it’s accurate, still feels a little off but amazing job for a first-time model.

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Looks amazing, but what I would do is bevel the edges on the handle to give it some curvature :slight_smile:


I like your gun.
One improvement you could add is to round the corners of the handle, I think it’ll look better but that’s just my opinion.


For a first gun this is awesome. The grip looks quite weird. Did you use a spline to create it?