Thoughts on my first build?

Any thoughts on my first official build? I usually script and develop, Etc; today I decided to try and build. Here’s what I did in 45 minutes.

With all the Amazing Ideas, I’ve updated the house. I hope you enjoy the new version!
Update Roof

How much should I sell this build for?


It looks very good for a first build. I would suggest making the build smooth plastic so that it can have a more cartoon style. Other then that it’t very good. Great work! :+1:

Very cute! I love the lil brick details on the corners of the house. Can’t see it in motion, but it seems like you avoided the overly common mistake of overlapping textures and my eyes thank you lol

For possible improvements, I would suggest perhaps making the windows a bit more 3-D and stick out some more, they look somewhat like pasted decals at the moment. The roof is a cute concept, but the different heights look a bit… strange? I get what you’re going for, but roof shingles usually vary in height from top to bottom rather than left to right. The way you have it right now makes it look like they laid the roof that way- I don’t think that would be very helpful in a rain storm lol!
I also can see a mismatch in the wall texture where I assume you have two separate blocks to make room for the door? At least that’s what it looks like- right along the left side of the door going up to the roof. Maybe union them together to make it look neater?

I know this seems like a lot lol but I was being very nit-picky because it’s otherwise very good, especially for your first build! Keep it up <3


Wow, I have been trying to build for a few months, I gave up. This is very good for a first build, better than any of mine :joy:.

Wow that’s an impressive first build! The roofing looks absolutely fantastic for a first time build. One of my suggestions I have revolve around optimization. If you have any unions you might want to consider setting their render fidelity from ‘precise’ to ‘automatic’ in the properties tab. What this does in short is help boost the performance of those unions. If you haven’t already attempted to, I also highly suggest going into the color section under properties and playing around with the colors. One final suggestion is to always build with a scale model so that none of your buildings and their components are too big/too small.

Very nice little house you have here, especially for a first build. There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this build however there is always room for improvement! I agree with @shinyswablu on the aspect that the roof seems a little off, just the fact that the little squares are different levels and in one part of the roof it seems like they overlap each other, I’m not sure if my eyes are playing tricks on me though… it is late haha. The flower bed in the front of the house seems a little lonely… maybe some variations of plants/flowers could brighten it up a bit? Lastly, I am not sure how detailed you’re trying to go with this, but you could add things such as a gutter or something like a plumbing vent, but that’s just extra detail. Overall the build looks nice, great job!

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Looks really nice! Keep up the great work, pretty good first build.

Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Adjust the flower quality down, it doesn’t quite fit the entire theme as it is basically low-poly and then the flower is just way to over quality for the build.

  • Detail is important if you don’t want it to be full on low-poly. I suggest adding more edges and perhaps different designs. For example, the door could have simple lines across it, you could refer to images on the internet too if needed.

Otherwise, keep up the great work!

For your first build it’s quite good also considering how long it took you, well done keep it up

Great job for a first. Only thing I could do when I started out was make a deformed rectangle

Looks good, Though try making the Roof Tiles more Symmetrical and Aligned make sure they go in their pattern and check their scale, Some are sticking out. Anyways, Good one for your First try.

Good luck for your future projects!

Thank you, I’m planning on changing it and building a town. Making it a Cartoon based town would be much better. Thank you!

I was trying to make it so the tiles look scalene. However, Thank you for the feedback.

I’m not the best builder, However I can try my best to make it more curvy and not just a rectangular shape. Thank you!

Ah, I understand what you mean. I’ll try my best! Thanks!

I’ll try my best. Thank you so much for the feedback.

For your first build this is pretty cool. Just noticed some aligning issues on the roof which is an easy fix as long as you use your studs correctly. Otherwise it is pretty cool!

Thanks for the feedback, But how much should I sell it for?