Thoughts on my Food Models

Thoughts on my Food Models

I made some Japanese food models for an upcoming group I am creating, also made some decoration for the photos which took about 5 minutes. Overall, the food items took about 2 hours.

I like criticism, it makes me better.


I like them, however the cakes looks pretty simple and boring. If u can add them some textures or get inspiration from some real world cakes it would be better.

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I looks good for a roblox game. It also made me realize how much I miss sushi.

Awesome thanks for the tips. I’ll be releasing the game in a little while. :+1:

I agree, some textures would be nice.

It mostly looks pretty good. Although some things could be more detailed.

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Alright, what do you think could be more detailed except the pies which I was already told to detail. :slight_smile:

It’s nice, but the cakes are just parts and not detailed very much. Maybe add some textures as well.

Alright thanks. There would be more detail if I used blender but I don’t know how to food model in blender and cant find any tutorials so yea.

I like all the foods that are in here. However, there are 3 foods in particular that really got my attention. It’s the 3 popsicles in the back. The watermelon one looks very cute and pleasing to the eye, but, as said, the other 3 don’t. You could make them multi-colored, maybe add some sprinkles… It’s on you! There’s plenty of time to be creative! You could add them if you know how to. These are just my thoughts and suggestions, and they don’t need to be added necessarily.