Thoughts on my GFX edit

Wow, I have not been on this website in a long time. I recently just went back on devforum to read stuff for fun, but I stumbled past my old GFX and I decided to edit them. I just want to know your thoughts on them.


death korps edit


Nice color grade! I think you did pretty good! if this is in blender try using compositing to turn up the bloom.

Ty, and yes, it is blender. Unfortunately, I have lost the file as I rendered this on my old pc

Nice contrast. But the pose looks a bit akward. Keep up the work!

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original looks better and more understandable
second looks too saturated and contrasty i can’t understand whats going on
the original composition is confusing

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yea i agree, but unfortunatley i lost the file, i would love to change it anytime if i still had it. sorry for the late reply

hm, i never saw it that way, now that you say that i realize its true, although i just wanted it to look more dramatic. sorry for the late reply too