Thoughts on my Halloween village

So recently I recieved a task. The task was to create a Halloween village. I worked really hard on it and it all took me many, many hours. I really like the final result! However, I think that I can still improve it! The main theme for the village is a 2014 - 2016 Roblox style game. :jack_o_lantern:

I made everything except gear, bundles and accessory that I imported from Roblox using a command. Come with ideas, suggestions and constructive critism! I will really appreciate that! The screenshots and the game link can be found here:



Decent build, but I’d give it more detail, such as rounding the edges of the hay bales and making the place more realistic. Some examples of areas that lack detail (or other issues that I have addressed):

This fence isn't closing anything off and is thus unnecessary. Fences are made to close areas off (farms, gardens). You don't find a fence by itself in the middle of nowhere.


This sign is difficult to read. It is also grammatically non-standard in certain areas; I have found two instances in which a semicolon is required to separate distinct sentences that have been joined together as clauses incorrectly.


Other questions and/or issues:

  • Are the plain door handles (or lack thereof) a stylistic feature? A round door handle may look more appeasing.
  • The flat nature of the build, whereby it lacks any real hills or terrain, can make it somewhat boring for gameplay. There needs to be places to explore: mansions in the hills, large farms, etc. All of the houses look fairly homogeneous and copy and pasted.
  • Apart from the large paths themselves, there are no paths that link the road to the houses. This is unrealistic.
  • I would add more original aspects to certain properties, such as scarecrows, ravens or crows in windows (superstition to represent death), bare trees, etc.

The build is really nice and it has a spooky/halloween theme which is nice

  • Like @Somnar said this text is too small. On a normal screen it’s hard to read, It would be very hard to read on xbox.:

  • These bushes look a bit odd an are taller than the player. Maybe change them to be shorter, just an idea:

  • Maybe have a hook or nail hold these decorations up by each side:

  • These fences feel a bit too big. In my opinion it should be shorter.:

  • Maybe change the door handle @Somnar does some better explaining. In my opinion a metal door handle would look better than a wooden one.:
    example(door handle by @flaxmy) :

  • Maybe add a face on the pumpkin. I only saw one pumpkin with a face on it.:

  • Maybe put some names on these(I think that’s allowed, maybe check that it is before you do that though.):

  • The chairs in the mansion feel too big(that’s not a good screenshot now that I look at it but the chair is nearly/ taller than the character.):

  • These Stairs feel to thin.Maybe Make them wider and add railing.:

Looks great though and I’m only really picking at small details.


Thank you! I will follow your tips and change the place as much as possible. Really good tips and suggestions. Thank you for sharing them with me!

I agree with you, many elements are bigger than the player! I will also make the text bigger and check if adding names on gravestones is allowed! Thank you!

I wasn’t even aware there was a mansion. My bad, then. In any event, I think that mansion is far too plain and the neon windows make little sense if it’s indoors. The wooden plank walls are also unrealistic.

I’m pretty sure that having names on a tombstone isn’t against the rules, Inserted. I don’t know where this sudden worry that everything breaks the rules has come from but half of the time these concerns are pretty unfounded lol.


I think a point can be made from this:

The fact the mansion couldn’t be told apart from the other buildings shows the buildings in general, as somnar said, are too homogeneous. Make the mansion stand out more in general. I’d look up some old southern houses/ generic haunted houses (personally) and get a general idea for design elements.

Also, you could redo the paths using Bézier Paths, it’ll allow a more fluid shape for your walkways- but I could see a problem using the plugin on the ramp part of the terrain. I assume you could figure that out as you go.

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Some areas seem very empty. The overall map is nice but it lacks specific details that make the audience feel that they are in a different world a d not just sitting on their pc playing a game.

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The build looks awesome! Maybe make it a little more unpredictable and less pattern like? More abstract and unique. Maybe with the terrain.

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There should be spooky decorations, like ghost.


It is great! Maybe add Cobwebs inside the buildings and create small cobblestone sections of paving.

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That is actually really nice. What genre is the game going to be if you do plan on publishing it as one?

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It was made mostly for showcase and roleplay purposes, but I may publish it as a trick or treating game once.

Hey IcyDragon!

Your build definitely sets a tone to it, you’re immediately immersed in this halloween environment. Beyond that, there’s quite a lot to improve.


  • Make the model set bigger, you’re currently using the same buildings far too often, it makes the game dull and takes away from the immersion.
  • Use effective writing, the billboard currently when read is very choppy and cheesy. I’d shorten it and make sure the point is crystal clear in the least amount of sentences as possible.
  • The map design doesn’t feel purposeful, there’s no center point to retain attention and the map is too homogenous to have honest exploration.
  • I like the fact that it is dark, it is halloween and that is the theme, albeit that should not change how the game plays. I’d do something else with the lighting that doesn’t distort your field of view.

Alright, goodluck!