Thoughts on my house I built

Any thoughts on my build:
If it looks rushed I tried to do this build quickly, due to school work/school.


First I have to complement your color scheme!

But a few critiques:

•your door is somewhat slender compared to the house, maybe make a tad wider?

•The porch is a little barren to fill it I would add a design to the flooring.

•Adjust the chimney color to better fit with the door.

Hope this helped!


Looks great! If I had to change something, I would change the direction of the wood grain. I know I sound like WoodReviewer, but it really does look better.


I would simply scale up the house from this and then call it a day. Pretty, but too small to feel right.

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This build is wonderful, perfect color blending, texture, overall I like it. I am not sure what this black bar is above the left side window is, but it shouldn’t be such a vague color, try gray.
This build a bit tacky, the size is very unsettling. I would call this a modern shed instead of a home. If you’re not wanting to re-scale this build I would suggest adding some railing along your porch. The porch is a bit dual, this also helps the house look more grand. I would love to see some inside build! I am sure it would look fantastic, keep up the good work!

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Decent build the front appearance could use some details and variety of materials perhaps have colors or shades of materials.

I can see the lack of details however it’s not a problem since this is still being a work in progress build, if your door is going to have that sort of height you should try decreasing it a bit or at least make it detailed a bit. Town houses feature different details around it make the porch roof have a overhang around the door, try to not you could even throw some color so it won’t look bland.

Otherwise, it’s a good start, try looking at house design and see whet little details you could implement to your house to make it more appealing in your eye:

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