Thoughts on my icon?

Hey everyone what do you think about my Police, Sheriff, and County badge?




Also do you think I should make my own logo this one doesn’t seem like my own theme.


  • Please let me know what you think I should add or take away thanks from John.

It almost looks like you stole the tree and and sheriff star. Regardless if you did, make sure you don’t run into any copyright laws.

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Yeah I made the sheriff start with a free program online and the tree is copy right free. Everything is copy right free that I didn’t make from scratch.

Sweet. With the logo style you are aiming for (more simplistic) I would recommend trying to maybe trace the star at least and find some good colors to blend with the background. The star as of now just seems too complex for your style.

If you want to make a successful logo, you need to generally keep the same theme along everything.


For the last image, the client provided me with a logo they already had and I modified it.

These are just a few ways you can keep a style across a logo. For the first image with the pumpkin, I kept the theme by not using a real image of a pumpkin. I designed my own my simplistic style that ended up working better.

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Some of your logo’s look eerily similar to other group’s logo, such as from the group “State of Mayflower”.

If you feel that it doesn’t fit your theme, you could commission someone in #public-collaboration:public-recruitment to create your own unique logo.




Yeah I took allot of inspiration from Mayflower and Mano. But you also have to note that they use realistic logos that are widely used and the theme they use is very much like the one I’m going for state wise.

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You bring up a good point. OP, if you are interested on better logo and UI design, please look at my tutorial. It should help a lot with finding the right program and how to get started.

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image image

These are pratically identical, minus the fact you took an image off of google for the Sheriff and placed it there.


There’s a difference between taking inspiration, and blatantly stealing the design. It’s literally the same exact thing for the “training” one, and the Sheriff one has a stock image overlayed over everything else.

I suggest looking at google for official county sheriff logos, as well as PD logos for everything else and make a unique design for yourself, not one that people will call you out on for stealing/copying from another group.


It’s very hard to read the text, maybe change the font, make it bigger and/or change the color.

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Mk I think I’m gonna re do the Sheriff and make the LETI completely from scratch but I feel the sheriff is a commonly used patch theme in real life.

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I’m very sure you’ve asked this before.

This is very difficult to see, I suggest making th text bigger or a diffrent color.

With all due respect, as much as you deny it you have copied Mano and Mayflower. I recommend you start over and create your own style.

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I feel like the actual star on this doesn’t really fit the rest of the badge. The Rest fo the badge looks really simple and clean/smooth without any texture whereas the star is very detailed. The star also looks very bright to me.

Those are just my opinions though and that might be the style your going for, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

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It seems as if you have two different styles going on. All of the other logos seem to be flat except for the Sheriff Logo. I’d either trace the whole star or somehow flatten it to match the rest of the logo. Instead, I’d try and make the star the same color as the yellow background surrounding the sheriff text.