Thoughts on my Keyboard game?

Hello, I’ve posted long ago about this game before, but I’ve been able to start working on it again and made some progress, learned some blender too. Anywho:

Thoughts on this Keyboard Hero: Arena - Continued game?

I have a lot of plans for the game such as global leaderboards, elaborate bosses, and improvements on everything that exists currently. I’m just laying out all the basics first which takes some time since I’m working solo on the game.

I just finished adding a basic tutorial in the game (which I’ll likely improve in the future) but would like to hear some input and if this is a game you’d enjoy. I am aware something requiring the ability to type/multitask may cut off a good portion of the community. Please make sure to check out the description if the game seems interesting for some history on it :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I would play
  • Curious on release state
  • I wouldn’t play

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  • Curious on release state (You’re mildly interested, but really just curious on how ‘advanced’ the game will get)

Simply put, everything needs to be more advanced. This might sound harsh, but I think I speak for a lot of people when I say it’s very easy to get bored in the first 30 seconds. Considering most people will have no clue what the title means, you need to ensure your tutorial looks really clean and advanced. With the slow 2010 looking bar on the bottom along with other things (dull skybox, teleporting me into the middle of nowhere, no cutscenes, etc) (writing this at 7:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving, cut me some slack), I’m not quite sure you’re where you need to be. Reply with any questions, I’m aware this is very bland. Good luck!

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It seems kinda boring though. Sorry for being harsh

It’s a good game but it’s not too enjoyable for a 1 player person. It does get boring though because it’s very basic, there isn’t really a goal for players, there’s nothing you can earn. I’d also suggest adding like a cool animation/effect for when the zombies die but other than that, it’s pretty good but it could use some extra things to make it even better.

Yea, as I stated above I’m working solo so it’s more effective I lay out the basics rather than spend forever making a single feature, I wouldn’t have a game if I did that.

For just one player I’m not too sure what I could do though considering the round-based multiplayer type of game it is.

No I agree lol. It’s a game for people like me who get some enjoyment of quickly typing what’s displayed. Hopefully this will be mended with a bit of story and skill curve, but all and all, really it’s an acquired taste.

Of course everything needs to be more advanced, but as stated I’m laying out the basics first. I wouldn’t have a game To motivate myself if I spent all my time designing, rigging, coding, and animating a single enemy.

Are you referring to the experience bar on the bottom left when you’re referring to old? If so yea, that’s just a few boxes slapped with purpose for the sake of having the basic feature.

But basically all you’ve said goes along with what I’ll end up doing in time when the all bases are set

I understand what you’re saying, it’s just impossible to answer your question on what you’re giving us. I get you’re showcasing the basic features, but when the basic features are tabs like “tutorial”, etc, there’s no way we can help you. Every game has exactly what you have, maybe explain the game. Maybe show us GFX or renders you plan on using. Maybe fully develop something (like the tutorial), then ask us if we think it looks good. Questions like those are way easier to answer than you giving us an empty game and asking us if we’d play it. Maybe ask us if the concept sounds good? You get the point.