Thoughts on my main menu so far?

( I didn’t create the torch,character, boombox , street light, dumpster and bin bags/ There’s a lot of free models in use but the UI is all made by me)

I’ve just started the basics of a new main menu and need do redo a few things (ambience and a few GUIs). Could you give some constructive criticism on the Main Menu so far.

Link to game:

Thank you in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Imo, the main menu seems a little bland. Maybe add a little screen movement, or even animate the character thats in the front.

When I tried pressing the buttons, they seemed a little glitched out. Also, you should try lining up the “Game Name” with the buttons.

The elements that show up when you click the buttons should be more in the center. Also, might wanna use scale since it could look like this if the screen is shrunken.

Also, some of the menu element contents seem a bit too up, you should try centering it more to get all the empty space or add something.

Overall though, nice aesthetic in the background and the UI itself. Goodluck on your development journey!


Thank you for the helpful tips and I agree that I need to fix up the scaling.

I take it your game is a scary game. Maybe give a scanty don’t. For emails a red script? That my for it well.

Sorry I’m a bit confused on what you mean?

Don’t blame you. What I mean is like put a font that can “scare “ the player and matching with the games theme. I’m guessing yours is horror. A red colored font would make it seem like blood. You can create a custom font that’s like a droopy kind, but I think script would be a good substitute. You may still not understand, it hard to explain

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No, I understand now, I think that’s a pretty good idea to have a more scary font. I will take that into account as it’s horror detective/spy game set in the 1970’s. Thank you for the advice.

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Looks good to me, but I agree with the two above; it is a bit bland and a better-themed font would make it better. Great start!

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I would tween the main menu so if another screen appears then your menu has a nice transition. :slight_smile:

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Will definitely do this thank you for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Basing this information off the provided picture, the person with the Boombox is standing there unnaturally, and his arm is submerged to the wall.

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Yes, I might play with the character to make it look more natural. Thank you for pointing that out. Although I’m unsure on what pose he would have.

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The main menu does look a little bland. And also what @Cinema_Sin said, maybe add a nice transition after a player clicks a new screen.

Also, maybe increase the music volume in the main menu a little, I had to increase the volume of my game to the fullest in order to hear the music. Try to also center the guis, it’s a little more leaning to the right.

But besides these points, you’re off to a great start! Goodluck with the future development of this project!

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Thank you for the advice. I’m planning on adding a nice transition and will look into the volume and GUI centre issues. Thank you once again for letting me know about these issues.

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I fixed the scale issue, made the guy look more natural ,Adjusted the audio volume ,did some modifications to the menu and tween the other menus. Can you guys tell me what you think now? @3rdhoan123 @ScytheSlayin @Cinema_Sin @TypeByte @AirStrategy

Thank you once again for the advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

link:testing - Roblox

(the radio, torch and character aren’t made by me and are free models)

Personally, I would change the face of the main menu rig (It’s not that big of a problem) and I would remove the radio and torch and make the rig play a animation (something like the default anims such as idle would look good!).

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An Idle animation would actually look pretty good, thank you for the advice.

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Are you also looking for a realistic theme? Or more of a comedic theme. If realistic then I would definitely try the Future is Bright with ShadowMap! Experiment with the lighting, have some fun!

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It is meant to be more realistic and I’ll definitely have a play with the Shadow Map. Thank you once again for the advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As @Cinema_Sin suggested, try to mess around with the lighting and try to add a idle animation. But besides that, you’ve taken advice very nicely and implemented it into the game.

It’s looking really good! :slight_smile:

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