Thoughts on my Monster AI

I’m currently working on a new horror game, and I would like feedback on the AI I have here for the monster. Below I’ve posted a video link for where I’m playing with the monster. Also below is what the monster does.

The monster CAN open and close doors, and go outside the house too. I’m having a slight bug though, if the monster is outside the house on flat ground, he stutters and acts like he wants to walk back to his next waypoint while following me.

Monster roams around the house, going to random waypoints
Monster sees player, chases player until out of sight or kill.
Player gets within DANGER zone of monster, (10 studs), and monster chases after them even if player cant see monster.


Nice job! I like how he wanders around, but personally, I think he should have seen you at second 22 of your video. It also could be a bit scarier. The monster could look a bit scarier, but the AI seems to work pretty well. I would also recommend making the monster “smarter”. At a few points, the player opened a creaky door, but the monster didn’t notice one bit.

Thanks, I’m still working on the Monster Model and Animations, and the monster can’t hear that well. If you have any tips to make him scarier, please tell!

This monster AI is good, nice job on it!

You could change the sound. The people whispering isn’t very scary. Maybe a heartbeat sound that gets louder and faster the closer the monster is. It could also be darker inside the house.

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