Thoughts on my new showcase?

looking for feedback on my new showcase, also looking for suggestions on more nature themed things i can add to it.

link to showcase:


Very nice low poly islands and trees. It has a bit of variety in each island, which I like. It doesn’t seem full, though - maybe add more islands? I also think that you could maybe try using bridges instead of roots to get from island to island… or both. Other than that, it’s pretty amazing!

I have to say I like the roots. It must just depend on the viewer. I agree adding bridges and roots might hit both birds.

Your showcase that is currently still in progress looks, very well done i like the overall details you added to it and the low poly islands are very well done. However the variety you added to each of the islands has a very nice addition to it! Overall i feel like there could be a bunch of more vegetation around the island because i do, believe you want it to be filled with a couple of
more decorations. To the islands because it’s a bit empty however if you look at a. Couple of more “Low Poly Floating Islands” you could see that is holds a! Lot of variety on the islands so i would recommend you add some bushes, rocks, little pond, flowers, mushrooms, tree stumps, leaves, ect. Those are the details you want to add to the islands, so it could stand out a lot more and if you plan on adding more trees to the islands such. As the ones that have leaves on the branches try adding some leaves that fell of the tree! And place them on the ground just like a fall theme, i don’t believe your trying to add that into your island, but you could either implement another island and add those details around the. Island so it could be more better and improved!!

And then if you plan on adding a couple of more things to each of the islands. I would try adding some bridges in the different kind of islands because one, of the islands i couldn’t get on it because the root was to low so i would suggest you. Add some bridges was some roots wrapped around the wooden ropes. Just to give your scene a little more details to it and then, you could start placing some vegetation around the other islands! Such as more variety and decorations however i would try adding some pine trees, dead trees, grass, lily pads, rocks, branches, fences, and other’s those are just a couple of things you could try. Including on each of the maps however you don’t want to go overboard with adding, a bunch of vegetation on each of the islands put if you plan on doing that i listed a couple of nature details. Above so i would recommend you add some on the different kinds of islands! And you could also place some rocks on the side of the islands as the image see. Below try doing something like that overall don’t copy that idea though. That is just a reference image i’m showing below.

Overall you have done a impressive job on your, showcase i liked the details and variety added to each island and it seems you don’t have the filled. Up with a bunch of decorations which is fine but if your making a showcase there could be a, bunch of things added to each of the islands you could try looking at other peoples. (Floating Islands) and get ideas from there but if you don’t i would just try adding some of the vegetation! I listed above i know it would look a lot more improved when those features are added, to your map but i would try adding a bridge instead of the roots but you could add some, wrapped roots around the bridge ropes so it could add a nice addition to the place or try adding. Stairs going down to another island that could! Also be a nice feature to include inside your showcase, overall you have done a great job!!

Reference Image

This is just to give you a idea, to what i’m talking about but try including a couple of more vegetation to each of the islands so it could match, the theme your trying to go for on each of the islands but i know a nice river/pond would be. A nice addition to add to your showcase!!


ty for your opinion, i’ll add a lot more detail and try to add a bridge connecting to each of the islands.

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Not such for low poly guy myself but I think it looks pretty cool, including the detail in structure in the trunks themselves which is really neat.

Looks good as it reminds me of a old low poly fantasy game I used to play way back ago, but great work on the design of the 3d models!

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No problem. I know if you added a bridge connecting going from island to island it would add a nice addition to your showcase, but i do feel like you should keep the roots as well if you add! More islands there could be some islands with bridges and, some with roots but it’s all depends on what kind of design your trying to go for there could be bits. Of nature details added to each of the maps, but i do believe when you make different islands they could each have there own theme such as the following fall, winter, summer, spring, ect. But i don’t know what kind of theme your trying to accomplish but i would assume your going, for a nature theme for each of your islands your just looking for more suggestions so you! Could add to the islands but i would try adding.

Some rocks connected on the island so it could look like. The island disconnected and floated in the air you could possible look at the reference image, i provided above to get a even more better, idea on what i’m talking about but i know with the final details! Your going to add for soon to each of your islands your showcase would look a. Lot more better overall just try getting some ideas, from the reference image but i wouldn’t copy all of the, designs just the rocks that’s implemented into the island overall you have a nice! showcase here can’t wait to see more very soon! And i would visit again once it’s completed with the final details you plan on implementing.

And like i said above. This is just to give you a idea, to what i’m talking about but try including a couple of more vegetation to each of the islands so it could match, the current theme your trying to go for but i would possible add some rocks underneath. The island on the side as seen in image i provided above but you could try adding bridges, and some roots wrapped around the ropes as well i do believe that will add a nice addition. To your showcase overall nicely done!!

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It looks very good so far, I would suggest adding details in every place possible, be creative! The example jordonh showed was perfect. I would also suggest higher poly trees, they seem a bit blocky at the moment. Overall I think it looks good.

Looks really nice, maybe add a few more bigger island? Or more islands?

Very cool low poly islands, I like them a lot and how you didn’t just make them all grassy. One thing I’d continue to work on is more islands, perhaps a desert island, or any other biomes onto different islands. You’ve made good progress, great job!