Thoughts on my project game (any feedback is apriciated)

Greetings fellow devs, I hope you are all having a wonderfull day.

I will try to keep this a small post as I do not wants to take to much of your precious time. So long story short I am planning on releasing a game this april 22nd. I chose this date because it will mark my first year using roblox studio and so I wanted to see how far I have progressed on studio (hence me releasing a small game at my one years mark). Although I call it a game and its meant for everyone to play I also consider it a myproject so I may showcase to the world what I am capable of creating in after a certain amount of time. So I was wondering if anyone who is still reaing this post to give me some feedback on my game if they dont mind. You do not have to play the game and yes you can nit pick on my game as any feedback is good feedback.

Here is the link to the game: Nyctophilia 🖤 - Roblox

If you dont have time to play the game you can always comment on these sreenshots witch have been taken in-game by me.

Ty all :grinning:


Could you at least tell me what the games about and if not at least explain the screenshots

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Looks incredible, a great creation! There is a small bit of lag, but it is likely just my computer. Keep up the great work!

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fun, cool, and nice design :+1: :+1:

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Its like a vibe/exploration game.
The first 3 sreenshots are taken in the exploration region of the game (you must finds these areas one by one). And the last image is the “vibe” area. You cant really see much in the last pic but at the bottom of the cave I pmade some areas where you can sit down and relax with a somewhat relaxing ambiance.

Better pic of “vibe” area:


It looks really cool! The graphics are great! :smiley:

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OMG this looks awesome!!! I will try it!

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Hey, hey ready for critiquing, I only have one little problem :pinching_hand: and that is, you need to add some textures to some of the objects, such as your tree, crystals etc. or am too far away too see.

Thanks -Trainzy

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Yes you are right, the crystals do not have textures. Thx for point it out.

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Absolutely incredible! I will definitely be hanging out in your game a lot! It’s very well made, and I think the whole point of the game is cool. I enjoyed exploring the map, as well as just hanging out in the vibe area. I might make an underground game sorta like this sometime, it’s just so unique and cool! I can’t wait until it’s completely finished!

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