Thoughts on my Rank Management Center?

Hey, thanks for reading my topic!

My name is Faith and I’m pretty new to UI design. I’m enjoying it and recently decided to make my own rank management center so I have something unique for my group. I was just wondering what y’all think of the design, and what I can change it make it look better. c:

The Rank Center

Discord Webhook Integration


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Excellent, I love the colours and the discord intergration feature.
Keep it up and you will be so far! :slight_smile:

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I love the colours you have used and the general layout.
One thing though, I would move this to the bottom and the group name there instead.

Overall, it looks fabulous!


The UI is okay-ish.

To improve it, I’d suggest:

  • Hiding the top bar (or just disabling it)
  • Make it so it doesn’t look so intense, everything is really big and bold and it’s not really necessary

Sidenote: Does it automatically rank people? That would be a pretty cool feature if it did and iirc, there was a similar tutorial on the forums regarding rank bots. However, it used Glitch so it might require a bit of experience with that too (and I’m not sure if that’s the best service to use, but it’s free)


Thanks for your response! We plan to use manual ranking for the time being before setting up an automatic bot although we’ve already began that. I’ll try to find out how to disable the top bar, thanks!

Sounds good.
You can disable the topbar on the client by using the built-in function of PlayerGui: :SetTopbarTransparency(transparency)


Oh, I didn’t now that myself. - Where exactly do you put that to make it Transparent?

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(slightly swaying off topic now)
You can do that by making a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts (makes sense there). Then, you can use this basic script to disable it:

game.Players.LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("PlayerGui"):SetTopbarTransparency(1) -- 1 = transparent, 0 = opaque

This looks awesome! Love the discord integration.


Looks amazing, and the Discord integration seems well-written. You probably shouldn’t use the phrase “discord” as it can get your game moderated, though.

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The rank names should be aligned to the left, the center alignment makes it look inconsistent as the text lengths aren’t the same.

The height of each rank label is too short, making it look too congested.

You have the ability to hide most of the top bar, take advantage of that space up there.

The scroll bar is barely visible and is too thick.

Most of your UI is made of shapes with corners, the rounded buttons throw a little inconsistency.

I made a quick design in like 5 minutes that you could use as a reference, it’s what I would personally use for this kind of design


Looks great, wait OMG FAITHHHHH! Spear here. How you raiding servers doing? But yeah it does like clean and nice.

In my opinion, as I can’t do GUIs or script, this is amazing. I like how the log is set up. The Donation Center looks smooth and nice.

Thanks! I’ve made some huge changes over the last few months. If you message me I’ll send them. :smile:

I think where it says the rank name, the blue box, it should be like 5-10 rounded.

I might re-create this and then do an update to showcase the improvements I’ve made over the last few months. I don’t tend to work on this design anymore after creating a new base-design but it would be nice to come back to it with a makeover.