Thoughts on my restaurant build?

So I am currently working on a restaurant that me and a friend (WatermelonArray) started a year ago and I’ve decided to continue it and have been for the past month or two.

I was hoping if I could get some feedback & suggestions for this restaurant and hopefully will implement it. There’s still a lot of work in the scripting stage but exterior wise I’m not sure what I can add.



I really like this restaurant build, I like the modern style, the colours, the lighting, and everything about it. A modern style is personally one of my favourite ones and I like most of the builds that were built in that style. I love the colour choice, it makes it look unique and aesthetically pleasing. The lighting is warm and cold at the same time because of the warm lighting and the winter setting.

Overall I think that you did a brilliant job and you should keep going and trying to improve this restaurant for even better feedbacks.


Wow thank you very much! That definitely gives me more motivation to keep working on this and hopefully get it all running. Thank you very much for that!


It’s an outstanding build!

Here’s why:

  • The lighting and the surroundings just fit it perfectly.

  • The textures are used well.

  • There are many details added here and there which for a restaurant build looks awesome!

I wasn’t able to find out any considerable flaws in the build. So yeah I feel you’re doing a pretty impressive job! I’d love to check out the final product when it’s fully completed.

Good Luck with your project @LocatedAir! :wink:


That build is amazing! The only thing i’d add is maybe some grass/bushes. Maybe some rocks?


It’s a nice build for sure, very cozy as well. A suggestion I have is to add a sidewalk, as of right now it goes from grass to straight to the road or restaurant. I would also add some terrain and variation of trees/vegetation to make it more realistic outside. Other than that the restaurant seems like a nice warming place to be on a winter evening :slight_smile:

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Awesome. I love this all of the creation and coloring. You and your friend did a VERY great job at this one.

  • Feels me a warm things from tree themed color.

  • Modern and Tree is a good choice for restaurant.

  • Unique shapes of billboard and entrance gate.

so, I have a suggestion for this (not related much at building but :frowning:). does SUMUJI means Smoothies?
If so, there is a two ways to do something at your restaurant name.

  1. SUMUJI (Don’t change)
    SUMUJI feels like kind, gentle and lenient.

  2. SUMUZI (J to Z)
    SUMUZI feels like cool. It’s like showing some cool things.

I hope this suggestion makes you better.

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Thank you very much for the feedback & suggestion. I will take this and make sure to implement this into the place. I’m glad you like it!

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Hello! Yes I shall always keep that name and it is ‘Sumuji’. Thank you for your opinions on the restaurant and shall always keep the opinions with me! :slight_smile:


The detail and lighting that you guys put onto this restaurant is splendid! The look of the restaurant itself just looks very luxurious and also gives me some 5 star-rating vibes to it. I also like how there is a Christmas tree placed inside which makes the restaurant feel much more “alive” if you know what I mean. I appreciate that you and your friend dedicated sooooo much time and effort onto making this building, keep on doing an excellent job!


Thank you very much, I appreciate that a lot!

This is amazing, this is the kind of building i wish i could do. If you are ever looking for a job, DM me and we can work something out!

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This is an excellent build! I can’t find any flaws.

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I love it. In my opinion it’s perfect, Good Job.

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Oml… this is just plain beautiful; thats all i gotta say bout this masterpiece

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Thank you all so much for this feedback! I appreciate it a lot!

Cool! I like your post. :slight_smile:

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Looks very cool! I love the modern style you went with for this building and the spawn area is a perfect mix of minimalist scenery. Really brings me back to 2014-2017 Roblox when homestores for coffee groups were widely popular!

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This has to be one if not the best resturant model I have seen!

It looks so detailed and your lighting makes it look so good.

Props to you on an amazing build!


Got to be the best built restaurant i’ve ever seen for sure