Thoughts on my rifle (First Gun Model)

Hello, It’s been quite awhile since I posted but something interesting. Anyways here is my Railgun Rifle thing.

Feedback is Welcome :+1:


I think it looks pretty sick, but im also not a modeler.

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Looks very clean.
The only thing i could complain about is that there’s a lot of cubes, you could use cylinders for certain edges to make them round.

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It was made for a low-poly style but thanks for your feedback. :+1:

(btw all parts have a bevel)

A railgun with a mag wont make any sense unless u use a special cartridge

Cool btw

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Making every part beveled is not low-poly per se and won’t improve the quality unless you pour your heart into it. You should try experimenting with different shapes to give it a smoother or more sci-fi feel. That aside, it’s also pretty good for a first model. Keep learning, I’m sure you’ll improve a lot in a matter of no time.