Thoughts on my Sci fi Buildings (Day 1 progress)

This is my 2nd Project in trying to build in this style. You can see my first attempt Here or click below for images. All created in blender, broken down and brought in piece by piece.

Video Camera of the models below

Attempt 1 Images

Mandalore Images


  • Thanks to Atmosphere lighting for the lighting in game (Free / Paid Plugin)

Just wow, never thought that you could make buildings look this cool.
Keep making progress but please, don’t use too much unions!


Looks pretty good I like the futuristic style you should add bit more details, Then it will be done

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:smiley: No Unions within this build, only meshes and the only parts are the neon blocks on the buildings. At the moment there is 300 primitives.

This reminds me of the giant tower from Half-Life 2 and I love it, awesome job!


I was thinking of making it lowpoly for now as I’m going to have another 20-30 more buildings like this as Interior. But if I dont take up too much memory then100% add more detail! :slight_smile:

I recommend to start to low tier like lowpoly as you said to realistic version of the game itself