Thoughts on my SCP hallway buid?

I’ve just made this SCP hallway, is there anything to improve on?

I’ve changed it from your suggestions! Thanks for helping me out guys :slight_smile:


Wow, that looks amazing! I love the lights on the side!


I think BloomEffect should make it more realistic.


Add some vents pipes etc to give it a SCP type of theme and make the lighting dark as SCP is suppost to be a type horror game I suppose.

And maybe make it so the lights flicker if you have any experience in scripting.


Maybe add scp colors, like white grey and black, i like the green stripes tho.


Add some detail to the ceiling, it’s pretty bland.


The green stripes represent sector 2, its the colour of that sector in pretty much every game.

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You used too much concrete on the walls I’d change some of it to diamond plate or metal.
and there’s too much light try to make the light’s to 0.75 instead of 1.
Also the color green doesn’t really fit the hallway and the blue lights.
I really love that it’s a tunnel though and the white on the floor should be using the
metal material.

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It’s okay you should add more details though like vents

scp text super bad. improve font and add the logo. add color correction, vibrant lights, make it darker, and stuff. it doesn’t look realistic at all rn. i dont mean to be harsh.

is really good just add a bit of darkness so it can be like a little bit scary

I don’t have experience in scripting but I will make vents!

I’ll use less concrete lol thanks for the feedback

I removed the text, I dont know how to put the logo in without getting a copy-paste keyboard symbol, I’ve changed light to .75, and I also added a kind of depth on the roof.

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