Thoughts on my sword? + SWORD NAME NEEDED ! [PT2]

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Pt 4. was flagged unfortunately, I believe you’re able to view it via the link still, however can’t comment which sucks

Looking for a name for this sword! Drop your ideas in the comments below !
Feel free to leave feedback, and any other constructive criticism and thoughts you may have too


Yvetrix, Bane of The Unseen

Reminded me of Yvetal ok :flushed:


Thoughts: Awesome!

Name: Doomslayer, Red Fury, Dragon’s Edge, or Flaming Death.


Looks hot :fire:
Names: Diablo, Executor, Exorcist


Fierry Infernus,Soul harvester or Blood taker.
idk i really bad at giving naem :frowning:


I’m bad at naming, but maybe
Magmus (magma)
Thermablade (thermal + blade)
Razorflame (razor-sharp + flame (burning hot lmao))


Wow this looks so nice.
It looks like the kind that you’d hold two of and slish-slash with.
Some names I came up with:

Crimson steel
Fire Foil
Ruby tempest
Blood Garnet
Blood ruby
Red Diamond slayer
Ninth arc of the rift (bad name but idk)


Nice sword, honestly looks like something you’d pull out from the nether in Minecraft while fighting :rofl:

Wolf’s Bane (cough cough not a genshin reference)
Exterminator (of worlds)
Sword of Satan/the Devil

haha i’m rubbish at naming

Am I just a weeb or is that a Rin Okumura refernece :flushed:
or perhaps that’s just a Chongyun reference…

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Dragon blade looks good. 10=10

name suggestion: Infernis Brutalis

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Inferno obligator, 30 ch arsdssss

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You’re better than me in naming atleast

Hey @everyone, thank you all for your input.
I liked a lot of the names you all suggested, however could only have one as the name.
I decided to name it “Dragon’s Edge”, suggested by @xander5610 ! Thank you so much.

Feel free to checkout my newest part, being Part 5 (3rd Installment) here:
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Looks good, name idea: The Devils Doom Bringer

Love the design on the sword, espically on the handle, it’s fire

For a name suggestion, Eternal Flames