Thoughts on my Terrain/Environment!

Hey there! :wave:
My name is RippedSeeker82!
I would like to get some feedback on this environment/scenery I made for one of my upcoming showcases


Beautifully well done! Only thing I would recommend is adding more flowers and such to the leafy grass part as it looks unnaturally flat.

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Noted, Thanks for the suggestion!

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I could not miss that robe you were wearing, It looks like a scene from star wars.
If it is based on star wars maybe you should add different plants than what we have on earth.
That may give the playerโ€™s star wars vibe.

Which planets would you suggest, Im down to do any tbh

Kashyyyk, very big trees and is very green. my favorite planet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
I am sure it will take you a while to make.

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