Thoughts on my UGC application? If you could give feedback, that would be great!

I know this isn’t the best design for a sword, but do you think it’s able to be accepted into the UGC Program? Honest thoughts.


This is my remade version!


You should probably rotate the sword so that the hinge is near the shoulder, not the waist

Otherwise, it looks good!

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Yeahhh, I had only realised that the hinge wasn’t anywhere near the shoulder before, and I think it has been about 3-5 days since I applied so sadly, I can’t really do anything about it now but thank you for the feedback! :smiley: I still can’t believe I missed that. :sweat_smile:

I’d focus more on your 3d modeling skills before applying. The sword looks good, I mean, I’d buy it, lol. I guess I’m wondering about more work/examples of what you can do.

The UGC program is getting more and more competitive with creativity being hard to come by each day people do stuff. I’ve also heard people talk about tri counts and stuff. Optimization would play a key role which might be a hard thing to do. I haven’t dipped my toes too much into that side of things.

I’d give it a 7/10. Some like a rating system, some don’t. :person_shrugging:


If I were you I would make the handle and pommel (the circle thing under the handle) smaller/skinner. It just looks too big at the moment. Imagine trying to hold a sword with a handle that big.

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I have remade it, I personally think it looks better lol.

Thank you for the rating! : D


Hey there! Work on your modeling skills some more :slight_smile: , Although the sword model does look decent, UGC is a competitive area and it seems you are a beginner modeler, I suggest working on some more models before submitting anything to roblox. as for the model, I’m sorry for being harsh but I’ll have to give it a 4/10, there was the idea but it hasn’t been well done.

Please don’t take this as discouraging, as you have potential, you just need more practice. :sweat_smile:


Nothing to add to the update! Now it looks very good!


Did your application for ugc get accepted?

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Not yet lol, hope it does though :slight_smile:


I will definitely check out some of your ugc if you do, good luck!!!

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Thank you! I’ll keep you updated!


Haven’t yet :confused:
(characters lol)

common roblox L, roblox you better freaking read this and give diamond access to ugc!

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Well, firstly that doesn’t help things.
Secondly, @DiamondboytubeYT you should try building up your skills a bit more before applying, as the sword is a little basic. But for the most part, the sword looks good, but at the end of the day it is just another back sword. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m saying that there are so many items like that on the catalogue already that it’s not worth using it to apply, no matter how intricate it is.

Roblox looks to take on-board those who bring something to the table for them since you are effectively making a partnership with them when joining the UGC program. Bringing them something that they already have won’t get your application accepted.

If you’re going to get in you need something that isn’t only a good model, but it’s creative. When applying, I’d recommend staying away from top hats, swords, generic hairpins, etc. Go for something more creative.

And remember, if you do get in then you can upload all of the above to your heart’s desire. Just add some flair to your applicatory models.