Thoughts on my ui?


So yesterday, i made a ui in and this is what it looks like.
(pic removed cuz i don’t want anyone to steal my gui lol)
Sadly i uploaded this yesterday in studio and the decals don’t show up :confused:


Pretty nice, I’d just add a few things:

  • Drop Shadow
  • 3D Text
  • Gradients

Over all it looks nice though, keep up the good work!


Thanks! also im sure theres a bit of shadows, it might not be visible in the white bg

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Can you tell me really quick your process of importing Gui’s from website to roblox studio

nevermind i asked a pretty stupid question, but how do you scale it on devices properly?

there are many posts about this, look it up

can you link me to one of them because i cant find any

without plugins, and whenever i use the scale tool it stretches it ultra wide

just don’t use offsets, it makes guis look awful on other devices

It’s pretty and stylish!

I hope you made it with a .pdn format so you could actually import the separate parts as images for a working gui in Roblox! Unfortunately a singular image doesn’t usually translate into a working ui, or at least not one with proper “feedback” when a player interacts with it.

I don’t really think there’s too much you would need to improve, but it’s a bit strange that the title at the top is so… normal? Everything else has this interesting and crooked art style but the title is very simple and average. I’d probably at least rotate the letters a bit and maybe create a crooked shape to use as background behind the title. The same kinda goes for the enter button, but it looks alright since the background shape is just as random and crooked as the rest.

Overall though very interesting and stylized! I like it!


Thanks! Also yes i did save it as a pdn format, tho roblox isn’t accepting my decals,
ive contacted Roblox support and haven’t responded yet. btw the top is just a watermark, im using it for my game thumbs.

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I love this creativity. All though, the text font looks poorly established and neglect.