Thoughts on my updated humvee model

Here’s a little update on my humvee model! I had a couple people ask me for updates so here it is! It has a Nice paint job and some wheels! There’s a few other adjustments I made that you’ll see too!



Thanks for reading this post! :slight_smile:
(Don’t worry the wheels don’t clip)


Wow that looks super good, things like this make me want to get into modeling. You nailed all the details too, for instance the lights on the back-right of it, super good job. I wish I could add things to add but I seriously think you nailed it. Then again I have 0 experience in modeling so…


That is very beautiful, I feel like you may get a triangle count error when putting it into Roblox studio. haha


Actually it’s below the Roblox Max triangle limit which is really nice!


wow that looks amazing and it’s pretty cool it’s under the max triangle limit.

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How many triangles is it? Looks really good btw

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This is really good! I like it!

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It’s about 9.7k tris, it’s still a lot but it’s under the limit oof

Wow this is amazing, I don’t know if you ment to but I love the cartoon effect it has, (wheels and low poly aspect)
Either way if it’s under the limit amazing!

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